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Blake Edler

From the bayou country of Southern Louisiana, Blake has been delivering a unique perspective and cultural insights while serving as a consultant in the Lafayette Delivery Center. Offering a range of skills from full-stack development, application support, creative works, and leading initiatives, he constantly strives to push the limits of himself and those around him. His hobbies and interests include hiking/outdoors, playing guitar, spending time with family, and getting his hands on anything that offers creative freedom.

Blogs from this Author

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Hogwarts Competition Recap – A Magical Journey at the Lafayette Delivery Center

In the enchanting world of office camaraderie, LDC employees embarked on a mystical journey, competing in a Hogwarts-themed competition that brought out the wizardry in them. With a plethora of challenges, activities, and house-related quests, the teams at LDC proved that teamwork and creativity know no bounds. House Sorting: The competition began with employees being […]


Tornado Relief Efforts – Your Donation Helps

On Friday night December 10th and into the following Saturday, an unimaginable outbreak of catastrophic tornadoes ripped through the landscape of America’s Midwest, stretching from Arkansas all the way to Kentucky. These storms produced severely damaging winds and tornadoes which spread devastations across six states. At the epicenter of this system, the deadliest supercell tracked […]

Fall-Star Bougie Breakfast

Lafayette’s Breakfast of Champions – An Event of BREAKFAST proportions!

The Breakfast of Champions 2021 This December, the Lafayette Delivery Center (LDC) held its first annual Breakfast of Champions tournament. The contest aimed to give our colleagues an opportunity to take a breather after the Thanksgiving holidays, and a chance to show off their favorite breakfast creations. Participants competed for the title and distinctive honor […]