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Tornado Relief Efforts – Your Donation Helps


On Friday night December 10th and into the following Saturday, an unimaginable outbreak of catastrophic tornadoes ripped through the landscape of America’s Midwest, stretching from Arkansas all the way to Kentucky. These storms produced severely damaging winds and tornadoes which spread devastations across six states. At the epicenter of this system, the deadliest supercell tracked across a range of 250 miles, destroying homes and businesses in its wake.

In the aftermath of this weather event, homes have been demolished, families have been displaced, and lives have been lost. Its estimated that in Kentucky alone, there have been over 70 fatalities related to this deadly storm.

With help from our neighbors across the world, we can help to lend a hand in support of these organizations to help give comfort and care to the families in need.

The American Red Cross is providing much needed support to the impacted area. The organization is advocating for blood donations as well as monetary support. Your donation helps put these families on the path to recovery in this time of need.

Donate to the American Red Cross

In the wake of the widespread damage to the state of Kentucky, its governor Andy Beshear has established the Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund to assist victims of the tornado outbreak. Your donation provides direct support to one of the hardest-hit areas in the weather system.

Donate to Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund

Images from this large extratropical cyclone system:

Microsoftteams Image (8)Dec102021tornadodamage


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Thoughts on “Tornado Relief Efforts – Your Donation Helps”

  1. Thank you for this important reminder. Those of us in South Louisiana know what storms can do to people’s lives, homes, pets, jobs, and communities in general. I love donating to the Red Cross ever since they helped rescue, feed, and shelter my mother, sister, grandmother and great-grandmother after Camille devastated the Gulf Coast. They’re one of my forever charities!

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