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Hogwarts Competition Recap – A Magical Journey at the Lafayette Delivery Center

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In the enchanting world of office camaraderie, LDC employees embarked on a mystical journey, competing in a Hogwarts-themed competition that brought out the wizardry in them. With a plethora of challenges, activities, and house-related quests, the teams at LDC proved that teamwork and creativity know no bounds.

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House Sorting:

The competition began with employees being sorted into four houses: Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin. Each house had its unique identity and values.

House Activities:

Throughout the competition, houses had the opportunity to earn points through various activities and challenges.

Some of our challenges:

  1. Donation Drive: Employees could earn points by donating to the Culture Pillar’s school drive. A dollar donated equated to one point.

  2. Knowledge Sharing: Hosting a brown bag session on technology or consulting topics for the LDC community was worth 2500 points.

  3. Green Thumbs: Bringing new plant arrangements for the lounge and disposing of the old ones earned houses 500 points.

  4. Mottos and Songs: Crafting a House Motto or Song, subject to approval by the house leader, was worth 1000 points each.

  5. House Banners: Creating a house flag or banner, measuring at least 3 feet by 5 feet, garnered 500 points.

  6. Kudos and Philanthropy: Giving kudos to colleagues and participating in Culture/Philanthropy events added points to the tally.

  7. Lounge Upgrades: Bringing furniture and materials for the employee lounge was rewarded with points.

  8. Literary and Artistic Pursuits: Writing a short story (750-word minimum) or a poem (10 lines minimum) inspired by the house’s adventures earned 750 and 500 points, respectively.

  9. Wizarding Attire: Dressed as wizards or witches, employees could earn 500 points for their house.

  10. Office Attendance: The house with the most attendance in the office during a designated week gained 500 points.



The House Key Challenge:

One of the most thrilling aspects of the competition was the House Key Challenge. Houses hid their keys in the office, and other houses attempted to find them. The rules were intricate, with points awarded or deducted based on key discoveries or their concealment.

  • Unfound keys could be returned or left hidden, with point values varying.
  • A special “Golden Snitch” key added intrigue, offering substantial points but also risk.


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Week 2 brought a twist with zap penalties for improper key retrieval, increasing the stakes.

The competition was intense, and houses displayed creativity and teamwork throughout. Results were as follows:

  • Ravenclaw secured the most points from the school drive, earning them 300 points.
  • Gryffindor stood out with their house song choices and earned 1000 points for each.
  • Gryffindor also claimed the Official House Motto title with “Brave at Heart and Giver in the soul,” adding another 1000 points.
  • Hufflepuff earned points through an emoji reaction challenge.
  • House-specific treats and achievements contributed to the point tally.

The Hogwarts-themed office competition at LDC transformed the workplace into a magical realm of camaraderie, creativity, and friendly competition. Employees showcased their dedication and enthusiasm, bringing the spirit of the wizarding world into their everyday tasks. As the competition continued, one thing was certain – the magic of teamwork and shared experiences was the true treasure at LDC.

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