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Abbey Smalley

With 10 years of interactive industry experience under her belt, Abbey Smalley serves as a Solution Architect within Perficient XD’s Strategy & Ideation Practice. Client industry list includes Financial, Retail, Healthcare, Fitness, and Restaurants. Prior to working for Perficient XD, Abbey served as the Online Design and Usability lead for 3M’s global mobile design strategy. Abbey is passionate about spreading the message of a User-Centered Customer Experience and has spoken Internationally at several industry conferences. She is a contributor to Perficient’s Spark blog and a part of the leadership committee for the Minneapolis Interaction Design Association (IxDA). Abbey’s other interests include creative strategy, writing, jewelry making, and rather cute cats.

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Infinite Scrolling, Yay or Nay?

The emerging use of infinite scrolling in 2012 is something you’re probably familiar with, but may not realize it yet. Think of searching for an image on Google images. Or how about search results on Pinterest, Lookbook, Polyvore or Udemy. You’ll find it more common in “search results” type applications, but there doesn’t seem to […]

Disney Parks Enhance the Customer Experience With Tech Bracelets

I grew up in what you might call “a Disney family”. What this means is as a child growing up we always looked forward to our annual road trip from chilly Wisconsin to sunny Florida. We enjoyed the palm trees, cheesy shell shops, orange juice stands and “Meeting the Mouse”.  Watching Disney movies and relating […]

The Recipe to a Powerful Presentation Includes an Engaging Story

If you’re like me, you spend what feels like a decent portion of your professional life creating and compiling presentations. Or perhaps you’re like the other half of the professional world where a lot of your time is spent listening to those presentations. I reflect back on conferences I’ve been to which are often a […]

What Tablet Growth Means for Your 2013 Banking Services Strategy

Believe it or not, an astounding 19 percent of Americans over the age of 18 now own a tablet of some sort. This is double the number Forrester noted in 2011. It’s true that tech penetration is lower among adults over 47, but not by much. This demographic is now at 14 percent ownership, which is […]

Why Your Developers Aren’t Following Your Brand Standards

To be frank, your developers aren’t following your brand standards and style guides for the same reason I eat healthier when the apples are pre-sliced in the fridge… Busy days, tight deadlines… a quick look at what needs to get done and off we go ticking away at our tasks with the little time we […]

4 Online Collaboration Tools Every Consultant Should Know About

As a Freelancer or Consultant, we’re not always lucky enough to conduct our business in the same office, (or same state for that matter) face-to-face. Not only does that make it difficult to relay our meanings, and give presentations, but it also is more difficult to bond and get to know the people we’re working […]

Square and the End of Cash Registers for Companies Big and Small

The first time I saw someone use Square was last year during a brief shopping excursion in Chinatown. I was in San Francisco for a User Experience conference and had a few hours free to explore. I had just found what I would refer to as the “cutest iPhone case ever” shaped like a bright […]

The Role of A/B Testing in User Experience Design

In life, we’re never done testing and learning about ourselves; your business is no different. I am a strong advocate in the concept of incorporating A/B testing throughout the cycle of implementing new web sites, landing pages, and just about anything that has an important call to action that can lead to big business rewards. […]

Don’t Laugh Off The Power of Humor in Your Marketing Strategy

At any given moment in our day we are in hearing distance, visual range, or just a finger tap away from an experience that may involve your brand. A commercial break while I catch up on the Downton Abbey Christmas Special, my cousin posting on Facebook how much she loves her new hair gel, a […]

Six Quick Tips to Improve the User Experience for Mobile Banking

My name is Abbey Smalley, and I’m a Lead User Experience and Visual Designer for Perficient’s XD team. I have had the opportunity to work with financial institutions on various projects. In my work, I find similar user experience needs often rise to the top. Whether you’ve decided it’s time to create a mobile experience […]