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Infinite Scrolling, Yay or Nay?

The emerging use of infinite scrolling in 2012 is something you’re probably familiar with, but may not realize it yet. Think of searching for an image on Google images. Or how about search results on Pinterest, Lookbook, Polyvore or Udemy. You’ll find it more common in “search results” type applications, but there doesn’t seem to be a certain rule defined.
I think there are cases where this can be useful. Take for example Pinterest. When you’re searching for something on Pinterest, chances are you’re not looking for something specific. Most likely you’re kind of dreaming, and browsing for random things, like recipes that may peak your interest. It feels very natural on a tablet to keep “swiping” to see what other treasures there might be.
pinterest-imageBut what if after infinite scrolling for a little while you want to go back and look at something that had peaked your interested? Must you infinite scroll back and hope you stumble across it again?
Frankly I’m undecided on how I feel about the infinite scroll technique and if its growing popularity is a good thing. I think I might develop of feeling of paranoia, where if something looks slightly interesting I must click on it now for fear of not remembering where exactly it was…. Wouldn’t it be better to just jump back to “page 5” whenever you feel like it knowing it’s waiting there for you?
What do you think? Death to pagination, or does pagination still have its uses?


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Abbey Smalley

With 10 years of interactive industry experience under her belt, Abbey Smalley serves as a Solution Architect within Perficient XD’s Strategy & Ideation Practice. Client industry list includes Financial, Retail, Healthcare, Fitness, and Restaurants. Prior to working for Perficient XD, Abbey served as the Online Design and Usability lead for 3M’s global mobile design strategy. Abbey is passionate about spreading the message of a User-Centered Customer Experience and has spoken Internationally at several industry conferences. She is a contributor to Perficient’s Spark blog and a part of the leadership committee for the Minneapolis Interaction Design Association (IxDA). Abbey’s other interests include creative strategy, writing, jewelry making, and rather cute cats.

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