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Akanksha Shahu

Akanksha Shahu is an Associate Technical Consultant at Perficient, specializing in front-end development, focusing on Sitecore. Her expertise in this area is well-established and dedicated to creating high-quality web solutions. Akanksha showcases her skills in UI development by leveraging various front-end technologies.

Blogs from this Author

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Understanding the Significance of HTML5 in Modern Web Development

HTML5 is the newest version of HTML, the language used to make web pages. It comes with significant changes to how developers work with HTML, with the goal of making websites more clear, easier to create, and available to everyone. HTML5 focuses on making web content more understandable, keeping design separate from content, making sure […]

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Mastering Responsive Videos and Maps with Bootstrap Embed Classes

In Bootstrap, the embed-responsive and embed-responsive-item classes create responsive embeds for videos, maps, or any other embedded content. These embedded classes ensure the embedded content scales properly and maintain its aspect ratio across different screen sizes. Let’s explore how to use Bootstrap embed classes for responsive embeds. Bootstrap Responsive Video Embed Bootstrap provides a simple […]

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ES6 Deep Dive: Unlocking Advanced JavaScript Features

Introduction JavaScript saw a revolution with the release of ES6, which added state-of-the-art features that increased its potential. In this blog, we’ll explore these advanced JavaScript ES6 features, illuminate their subtleties, and showcase how they enable developers to produce more effective, expressive, and manageable code. Developers can confidently and skilfully handle the difficulties of current […]

Extending General Link for Experience Editor Mode in Sitecore

Mastering the Art of Functional JavaScript: Immutability, Pure Functions, and Beyond

Welcome to the world of JavaScript functional programming! In this blog, we’ll explore the fundamental principles that make functional programming an effective technique for creating clear, effective, and manageable code. In our discussion, we will delve into essential concepts. Firstly, we will explore immutability, denoting the inability to change a function once it has been […]

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CSS Revolution: Empowering Your Web Design with React Magic

Styling plays a fundamental role in web development. Furthermore, when you embark on building React applications, you can choose from various approaches to skillfully manage styles and CSS. This comprehensive guide will explore diverse techniques, tools, and best practices for styling React components using JavaScript. Different Approaches to Styling in React In the expansive realm […]

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Unlocking React’s Power: Why Functional Components Outshine Class Components

Introduction As React development continues to evolve, the rise of functional components and hooks has significantly transformed the way we build applications. In this blog, we’ll unravel the magic behind functional components and explore why they emerge as the superheroes of modern React development. So, get ready for a journey into simplicity and power, supported […]