Ahmad Raza Kaliwala

Ahmad Raza Kaliwala is an Associate Technical Consultant at Perficient. He has over one year of experience in ETL Development and Testing. He has exposure to ETL tools like AWS Glue, SSIS, and Azure Data Factory.

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Views in Denodo

Denodo Virtual DataPort tool can import data coming from different systems and with different structures or formats. To Retrieve Data from the source, views are created in Denodo. I will be using an Oracle 11g data source to fetch the data here and Denodo Web Design studio to create views. “To know more about connecting […]

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Connecting Data Sources with Denodo

What is the use of Denodo? It allows business users to examine the particular data mistreatment associated with an intuitive interface through the Denodo Platform.   Data sources supported by the Denodo Platform Denodo Platform supports many different data sources like Amazon Redshift, Apache Derby, Apache Spark SQL, Greenplum, Hadoop, Hive, Microsoft SQL Server, Netezza, […]