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How to Pass Page Properties to Angular Controller Through HTL

This article discusses different ways to pass dialog/ page properties rendered through HTL (Sightly) into AngularJS script (Angular Controller in our case). Note that we are not using Javascript Use-API here. Let’s say we have to access a page property foobar in our Angular Controller. One simple and quick way that might come to mind […]

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Four Tips for AEM Beginners: Overcoming Common Issues

This blog primarily targets Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) beginners in an attempt to solve/ familiarize them with typical problems encountered when they start using AEM, and how to resolve those problems. Don’t feel like you are alone in this… I have run into many of the problems myself and gotten stuck. Not knowing how to […]

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Customizing Component Reports in Adobe Experience Manager

Many times, I have felt it would be good if I could have a bird’s eye view of all the components available in my project, along with details about how and where they are used. Fortunately, AEM has provided us with out-of-the-box (OOTB) components under /libs/cq/reporting/components and corresponding templates under /libs/cq/reporting/templates. We can customize/extend the OOTB […]

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