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Transform Your Business: 5 Steps to Creating an AI Enterprise with Salesforce

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In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a luxury but a necessity for enterprises aiming to stay ahead of the competition. Salesforce, a leader in customer relationship management (CRM), offers a suite of AI-powered tools designed to transform businesses into AI enterprises.  

This transformation was a key theme at Salesforce Connections in Chicago, where industry leaders gathered to explore the latest innovations and strategies for integrating AI into their operations. Here are five essential steps to creating an AI enterprise with Salesforce:

Build a Customer 360

Customer 360 is the foundation of any AI-driven enterprise. This holistic view of your customers aggregates data from various touchpoints to create a comprehensive, single source of truth. With Salesforce, building a Customer 360 involves: 

  • Integrating Data: Connect all your customer data across sales, service, marketing, and commerce in one place. Salesforce’s robust integration capabilities allow you to pull data from disparate sources seamlessly. 
  • Unified Profiles: Create unified customer profiles that include every interaction and transaction. This 360-degree view helps in understanding customer behavior, preferences, and needs more accurately. 
  • Personalized Experiences: Use the insights to deliver personalized experiences at every touchpoint, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Disconnected data and siloed teams have long been challenges for businesses. By achieving a 360-degree view of customers, you can break down these silos, ensuring a unified approach to customer management.

Unlock and Activate Your Data

Having a wealth of data is only useful if you can unlock its potential. Salesforce provides powerful tools to unlock and activate your data: 

  • Data Management: Utilize Salesforce Data Cloud to manage and harmonize large volumes of data efficiently. This platform helps in cleansing, enriching, and preparing your data for AI applications. 
  • APIs and Connectors: Salesforce offers APIs and connectors to integrate third-party data sources, ensuring you have a rich and diverse dataset. 
  • Data Activation: Activate your data by making it actionable. Salesforce’s AI tools, such as Einstein Copilot, can analyze data in real-time to generate predictive insights and recommendations. 

Businesses have been trying to manage data effectively for over 30 years. With Salesforce, you can finally achieve a unified data approach that ensures your AI initiatives are built on a solid foundation.

Deploy Trusted AI & Copilot

Deploying AI within your enterprise requires trust and transparency. Salesforce’s approach to AI emphasizes ethical use and reliability: 

  • Einstein AI: Salesforce Einstein brings advanced AI capabilities directly into the Salesforce platform, allowing you to automate routine tasks, predict outcomes, and provide personalized recommendations. 
  • Trust and Ethics: Salesforce ensures that AI models are transparent and explainable. They prioritize ethical considerations, ensuring AI decisions are fair and unbiased. 
  • Copilot Functionality: The Copilot functionality within Salesforce leverages AI to assist users in real-time. Whether it’s providing sales reps with the next best action or helping service agents with customer queries, Copilot enhances productivity and decision-making. 

Einstein Copilot also works across all Salesforce applications and can text customers, write summaries, update records, and even create campaigns with brief inputs. This level of functionality ensures that AI is not just powerful but also practical and user-friendly.

Deliver Analytics with AI

Analytics is crucial for deriving actionable insights from your data. Salesforce’s AI-driven analytics tools, including Copilot for Tableau and Tableau Pulse, enable you to make informed decisions: 

  • Einstein Analytics: Use Einstein Analytics to explore data visually, create interactive dashboards, and uncover trends and patterns. This tool helps in making data-driven decisions quickly. 
  • Copilot for Tableau: Enhance your Tableau experience with AI-powered assistance. Copilot for Tableau provides real-time insights, recommendations, and helps users navigate complex data sets effortlessly, ensuring that even non-technical users can derive value from their data. 
  • Tableau Pulse: Stay updated with the most important data changes and trends in real-time with Tableau Pulse. This feature uses AI to highlight critical metrics and anomalies, allowing you to react promptly to emerging opportunities or issues. 

By integrating these advanced AI tools, you can transform raw data into strategic insights that drive your business forward.  

Collaborate with AI

Collaboration is essential for maximizing the impact of AI across your organization. Salesforce provides tools to foster collaboration and drive collective intelligence: 

  • Slack Integration: With Salesforce’s integration of Slack, teams can collaborate in real-time, sharing AI-driven insights and working together on data-driven projects. 
  • AI-Enhanced Workflows: Create AI-enhanced workflows that streamline processes and facilitate better communication and decision-making across departments. 

AI-enhanced workflows ensure that insights are not just generated but also acted upon swiftly. With tools like Slack, your team can stay connected and informed, driving collective intelligence. 


Creating an AI enterprise with Salesforce involves more than just adopting new technologies; it requires a strategic approach to data, collaboration, and ethics. By building a Customer 360, unlocking and activating your data, deploying trusted AI, delivering analytics with AI, and fostering collaboration, you can transform your business into a forward-thinking, AI-driven enterprise. Embrace these steps to not only stay competitive but also to drive innovation and growth in your organization. 

Ready to embark on your AI journey with Salesforce? Partner with Perficient to get started today with unlocking the full potential of AI for your enterprise. 

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