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Connect with Us at SCOPE 2024!

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SCOPE is only a few weeks away! The conference will take place on February 11-14, 2024, in Orlando, Florida. Still not registered? Click here!

The SCOPE (Summit for Clinical Ops Executives) conference is a premier event in the field of clinical operations, providing a comprehensive platform for professionals to explore the latest trends and innovations in clinical research. The conference covers a diverse range of topics, including patient engagement, site management, data analytics, risk-based monitoring, and more. Attendees have the opportunity to learn from expert-led sessions, engage with cutting-edge technologies showcased by vendors, and network with industry peers. SCOPE conferences feature renowned keynote speakers who share insights on regulatory updates, industry trends, and personal experiences. The event is known for fostering collaboration and community-building among professionals in the clinical research landscape.

Sessions We’re Looking Forward To

  • Data Stream: The 15th Annual Data Stream by CHI gathers top experts in clinical research digital technologies to explore the impact of E-clinical technologies on the healthcare IT and clinical research industry. Key topics include the digitization of healthcare data, direct data capture technologies, and the role of AI in clinical data and operations optimization. The event focuses on addressing challenges and providing actionable solutions in this dynamic environment, with two distinct parts featuring specific topics and speakers.
  • Status Update of the DATA4YOU Data Review Platform—Bringing Different Personas Together for Near Real-Time Access to Clinical Trial Data: Bringing key roles together in a next-generation data review platform that facilitates near real-time access to clinical trial data allows for early decision making and cross-functional risk-based data review methodologies (medical review, clinical data review, central monitoring). Building on a platform that can further develop machine learning capabilities prepares us for the future evolution of data becoming bigger and increasingly complex.

Hear From Some of Our Attendees

Prabha Ranganathan

Prabha Ranganathan

Why is this event so important for the life sciences industry?

Prabha Ranganathan: Traditionally, life sciences industry is very slow to adopt new technologies and solutions. This is due to several factors, most notably the regulatory environment of the industry in general makes it difficult to bring changes quickly. The whole landscape and mindset of the industry is rapidly evolving and innovations are across the board. With several (at least 16) programs ranging from study feasibility analysis, real world evidence, digital measurements, data and decentralized/hybrid trials, this is one conference where we can understand where the industry is going, where all life sciences companies and customers are focusing on, and how to evolve with the industry. This gives us opportunities to focus on identifying and providing innovative solutions across the industry.

Vicky Green: The goal of this conference is targeted to be a place that executive leaders of organizations can present about their section of the organization and discuss initiatives and/or pain points that have or that are being resolved through a current ongoing program or project.  The conference is also broken into clear workstreams over the three days of the conference.  This allows executive leaders to collaborate with their industry peers across different organizations involved including Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical Device, Clinical Research Organizations as well as consulting and software organizations as well.  A lot of these executive leaders are also already participating in Life Science consortium companies are more open to discuss and collaborate to try to make things better for the patients across all areas these companies face whether it is the execution of clinical trials, manufacturing/supply chain, Medical product support from marketing, call centers, etc.

Rudolf Coetzee: Clinical development encompasses a plethora of different divisions all working towards a common goal. Orchestrating diverse perspectives significantly contributes to the overall success of technologies and innovations in the realm of data science all with a focus on better outcomes for patients.

What topics do you think will be top-of-mind for attendees this year?

Prabha: AI and how it can be used in areas like decentralized trials, data, real world evidence and how these can be incorporated into newer technologies to ensure that trials are safe, effective and run smoothly. Automation and using technology to reduce manual mundane tasks while focusing on primary tasks that reap benefits faster will be what all streams will be focusing on this year.

Vicky: Artificial Intelligence companies are working to determine the TRUE value of implementation of AI/ML into processes and case studies that show that is going to save organizations time, money and bring in efficiency to support current staff and fit within a very regulated environment. It has been determined that implementing AI/ML is not always bringing value but there are a lot of amazing use cases where it is transforming teams and businesses with their increasing work loads.  The goal is to truly bring value, cost savings and efficiencies. Generative AI is a high discussion point with companies as I have had so many of these and I look forward to hearing from some of the presentations and speaking with companies as well. Getting data into users’ hands faster throughout the execution of clinical trials and clinical programs while ensuring there is true collaboration on the same data across teams in one system instead of many systems with duplicate work/communication.  Medical reviewers want to see the data faster to be able to see trends, signals within the data. How to share secure data in a secure way and expanding that across studies and platforms?  Also, continuing to address concerns as well in this area with ensuring that as this moves forward to improve the tracking of who, why, when, and where did someone review secure data including blinded/unblinded data as well.

Rudolf: Modern technology including AI and proof if this will truly revolutionize the industry. What are the use cases?

What is PRFT’s expert approach to those topics (i.e., solutions, success stories, strategic positions, etc.)? 

Vicky Green

Vicky Green

Prabha: Perficient has expertise and knowledge to provide solutions like Clinical Data Repositories, Data Management platforms and how we can build this on newer platforms while incorporating AI & automation solutions. Other areas to consider include integrations (streaming data and publicly available data) into ongoing trials or for new trials, how to help companies setup decentralized trials, integration of life sciences and healthcare (CDR and EMR integration for e.g.)

Vicky: Perficient is a digital consulting organization with consultants that are passionate about helping our customers solve problems, transform their business, and continue to bring options to patients for treat and/or cures including medicines, medical devices, etc.  Our team loves being part of these amazing journeys knowing they are part of something special which could improve and/or save the lives of their family, themselves, a friend and even a stranger.  It is knowing you are building and helping to solve problems utilizing our strategies, principals and consultants from a process, persona, technical and industry standpoint. Then add on top our executive management teams support to ensure our teams can do just that utilizing our global team of colleagues. The goal is to help companies where they are in consideration/planning, strategy and planning, development, executive, deployment and/or standard maintenance/upgrade/deployment. Technology is always changing, support end users is consistently changing and evolving and business having to continue to evolve and change so build for the future and flexibility for those changes and growth.

Rudolf: That is the groundbreaking stuff our team is working on.

Are there any sessions that you’re particularly excited to attend?

Prabha: All sessions in Data, Study feasibility, decentralized trials, and digital measurements will be valuable to attend.

Rudolf Coetzee

Rudolf Coetzee

Vicky: Data workstream including AI solutions, collaboration solutions.

Rudolf: The Data Stream

What else makes this event special for you, personally?

Prabha: Understanding how various companies have progressed in their efforts from last year, lessons learnt from their work, and networking opportunities to meet existing and new customers/vendors.

Vicky: This will be my first-time attending scope.  I look forward to listening to leaders across organizations in Clinical R&D, Supply Chain, Innovation/Strategy – IT, Manufacturing and more to hear their presentations, talk through how they are evolving, solving identified use cases mapping to ongoing pain points and challenges with having more data but how to give access to it in a truly valuable way.  Data is so important to companies in all areas of the business, and we ensure in all our projects this is a focal point.  I always look forward to seeing colleagues and friends across the industry from my clients and meeting new people as well. I hope to see you there.

Rudolf: Meeting with contacts, meeting with prospects, selling Perficient tools and services, learning, and spending time with colleagues in person.

Connect With Us

Perficient will have a contingent of sellers and industry experts with the ability to schedule meetings with you and your team. Are you attending SCOPE? Reach out to connect with us.

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