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Maximize Returns On Your CMDB Investment

CMDB Challenges: Unraveling the Common Thread:

The prevalent concerns that echo through the minds of all Configuration Management Database (CMDB) owners across our customers are: How can I maximize the value of my CMDB? What are the winning strategies for CMDB adoption?


  • Establishing trust in CMDB as a reliable source of data remains a challenge. We require remediation/best practices to instill confidence in its data integrity.
  • Furthermore, updating/maintaining relationships demands more technical proficiency than what you have readily available. Is it possible to implement a simplified interface layer to ease this process?


Are these common concerns in your organization? If you are challenged to address these issues, I  recommend you start by looking at the following four key areas. Evaluating how you contribute to these factors will enable you to drive costs down and maximize your existing CMDB investment.



  1. A Strategic Partner

A strategic partner prioritizes your long-term objectives, enhances your existing capabilities, and, all while facilitating the achievement of your business goals. Additionally, you should explore opportunities to optimize your cost structure by leveraging resources not limited to the U.S. or India but also in Latin America.


  1. Expansion of the current CMDB existing capabilities:

Do you know your current CMDB status? Have you formulated a roadmap to address existing concerns? Are you collaborating with a partner to extend your current capabilities toward your envisioned future state CMDB by considering the questions below?

  • Data intelligence across CMDB ingestion, CMDB maintenance supported by CMDB insights

Leveraging robust data governance practices, encompassing data validation, normalization, and reconciliation processes guarantees the accuracy, and consistency of the CMDB. Additionally, guidance on clear data ownership and using data quality KPIs for monitoring CMDB, and CSDM adoption qualify further contribute to this assurance.

Success Is A Collaborative Effort

A CMDB enables you to comprehend the implications for your business, such as understanding the impact on business services if a specific server experiences downtime or is organization-compliant with regulatory requirements. Are you collaborating with your partner on the best practices and CMDB expansions below to enhance CMDB ROI?

  • Service mapping empowers organizations to rapidly construct a detailed overview of how their IT applications, equipment, and interdependencies function together. Do you have Service Mapping and CMDB alignment on your roadmap?
  • Expand your CMDB ROI to the next level by integrating and automating CMDB with discovery/event sources, assets, risk management tools, security, DevOps, and ITSM processes, among others.”


  1. Stakeholder collaboration and communication

Are you leveraging Change Management Services today to communicate with all stakeholders? The Change Management Services are designed to facilitate a seamless transition for stakeholders into new CMDB-related processes and technologies. This crucial step is instrumental in guaranteeing that the organizational changes necessary for CMDB enhancements are not only well-received but also seamlessly integrated, leading to improved CMDB performance.


  1. Training and enablement:

Leveraging your in-house, full-time talent vs support, project, or program work is an essential consideration for risk management and cost reduction. To achieve this, you and your partner should collaborate to implement co-development, peer reviews, personalized knowledge transfer plans, shadowing opportunities, and other strategies that enable you to efficiently upskill the appropriate resources with the necessary skill sets for the task at hand.


Contact us today to explore how our ServiceNow CMDB Consulting Services can transform your IT service management and configuration management capabilities.





















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