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5 Implementation Patterns for ServiceNow GRC – Policy and Compliance

You can read Liyu You’s first blog about ServiceNow GRC, here.   The ServiceNow Policy and Compliance Management provide a centralized process for creating and managing internal policies and controls that are mapped to external regulations, standards, and frameworks. For governance, it includes personas, roles, rights, and responsibilities. There are many regulations, standards, and frameworks […]

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Getting Started with ServiceNow – Performance Analytics

Why Performance Analytics? It is crucial for an organization to have reliable and efficient services.  However, such services are not always easy to use and may not have the visibility, alignment, and reporting that you are looking for. With the help of ServiceNow’s performance analytics, you can quickly and effectively make decisions with pre-built KPIs […]

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Reduce IT Cost and Risk Using ServiceNow – Technology Portfolio Management

As organizations continue using technology building blocks from different vendors, it becomes quite tedious to manage and keep track of various technologies. If technologies are not updated periodically, and timely with different versions/models, they eventually turn into a liability to key business functions and products. The underlying technologies of the business applications used in your […]

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Business Benefits and Adoption of ServiceNow GRC

What is GRC? GRC is an acronym for Governance, Risk, and Compliance. Per ServiceNow’s definitions, Governance: The frameworks of an organization’s activities and whether they are aligned with business objectives. Activities include processes, structures, and policies that are meant to manage and monitor company activities. Risk: A sustained process of addressing risks, mitigating risks through […]