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Amit Talekar

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Maximize Returns On Your CMDB Investment

CMDB Challenges: Unraveling the Common Thread: The prevalent concerns that echo through the minds of all Configuration Management Database (CMDB) owners across our customers are: How can I maximize the value of my CMDB? What are the winning strategies for CMDB adoption?   Establishing trust in CMDB as a reliable source of data remains a […]

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Transforming ESG Challenges with Automation: ServiceNow’s Sustainable Approach

What is ESG? The environmental, social, and governance (ESG) is a framework that helps investors and companies evaluate how well investments or businesses perform in terms of environmental, social, and governance aspects while considering sustainability, social responsibility, and governance practices for creating long-term value. The example factors of ESG are listed below.  ESG can differ […]

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Join the Knowledge Revolution at ServiceNow Knowledge Conference 2023 and Connect with Experts

Are you ready to revolutionize your business with ServiceNow? Then mark your calendars for the upcoming ServiceNow Knowledge Conference 2023! The Perficient ServiceNow team will be there. As a proud attendee of this prestigious event, I can’t wait to share my excitement and encourage you to connect. Gaining Insights At ServiceNow Knowledge Conference, you’ll have […]

Digital Transformation

Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) with ServiceNow ITSM

Why Automation & AI ? Automation and Artificial intelligence are transforming businesses by improving enterprise productivity and innovation.   Each new version of ServiceNow ITSM includes new and enhanced automation and AI capabilities. What is ITSM ? IT Service Management (ITSM) refers to all the activities involved in designing, developing, deploying, supporting and managing the life-cycle […]

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What’s New in the ServiceNow ‘New York’ Version

ServiceNow offers cloud based platform that delivers digital workflows. Using ServiceNow, the employees and customers can make quicker, smarter decisions and they are empowered to collaborate in a more productive and agile way. ServiceNow recently released a new version called ‘New York’.  Ever wondered , why this name? Below is quick insight on ServiceNow version […]

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Value of Business Rules Engine with APIs

Why Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)? Digital transformation is center of strategy for many organizations. Every organization has unique challenges to implement their digitalization given their existing IT platforms, Legacy systems, cloud adoption.  APIs (Application programming interfaces) provides way for many to integrate, connect & innovate old-new IT platforms, and capture data from various sources. Nowadays, […]

Microservices Using Java, Docker & Cloud Containers

This post describes some of the common considerations for developing microservices in Java and deploying the microservice on cloud containers offered by Google cloud (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM cloud. 1.    Microservices Considerations a.     Organizational Considerations Organizations need to consider cultural changes that needed to support Micro-services ownership i.e. principle of product and […]

10 Business Rule patterns in the Digital Transformation and Cognitive Era

Every organization makes repetitive business decisions. These decisions are made by following organization’s business policies. The business policies are the guidelines developed by an organization to govern its actions. The policies define the limits within which decisions must be made. The business rules are the interpretation of these business policies. The business rules enable policies […]