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Transform Your Business with Amazon DataZone

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Amazon recently released a new data tool called DataZone, which allows companies to share, search, and discover data at scale across organizational boundaries. It offers many features such as the ability to search for published data, request access, collaborate with teams through data assets, manage and monitor data assets across projects, access analytics with a personalized view for data assets through a web-based application or API, and manage and govern data access in accordance with your organization’s security regulations from a single place.

DataZone may be helpful for IT leaders because it enables them to empower their business users to make data-driven decisions and easily access data both within and outside their organization. With DataZone, users can search for and access data they need quickly and easily while also ensuring the necessary governance and access control. Additionally, DataZone makes it easier to discover, prepare, transform, analyze, and visualize data with its web-based application.

Implementation of DataZone can vary depending on the organization and its existing governance policies. If your data governance is already in place, implementation of DataZone may take only a few months. However, if governance needs to be established and implemented, it will take much longer and require significant organizational changes.

While it may seem obvious, DataZone is not a magic solution to all your data problems. Simply having a tool is not enough. Deciding to move forward with any data marketplace solution requires a shared responsibility model and governance across multiple channels and teams. We’ve Seen many companies fail to adopt the full use of data marketplaces due to lack of adoption by the business.2022 Guide Cover Image Vp Of It To Transforming Your Business 1400x788

Ultimately, DataZone can be an invaluable tool for IT leaders looking to empower their business to access data quickly and easily within and outside their organization while adhering to necessary governance and access control policies. With the help of the automated data harvesters, stewards, and AI, DataZone makes data not just accessible but also available, allowing businesses to make use of it when making decisions.

With our “VP of IT’s Guide to Transforming Your Business,” IT leaders can gain the insights they need to successfully implement the latest data-driven solutions, such as DataZone. Download it for free today to get the answers you need to unlock the full potential of your data investments and drive your business forward with data-driven decisions.

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