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Twilio Managed Services Provider- Understanding the Options and Capabilities 

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My prior blog touched on the approach and initial assessment we undergo when onboarding a new client who has faced challenges with independently building, expanding, and/or maintaining their Twilio solution. With Twilio being such a robust limitless platform with full flexibility, optimizing its capabilities and maintaining a rewarding end-user experience rely on many complex applications and technical components.  

In this digital transformation era, housing and retaining sufficient skillsets to effectively sustain, expand, and manage the solution can be challenging. While many of our clients do employ skillful, agile IT operations and development teams, we find that these individuals’ time is being shared across multiple groups and projects within the organization where a majority of their contributions are being utilized on net new initiatives, with minimal care or oversight in supporting production applications.    

As a leading Twilio-Certified Managed Services Provider, Perficient is uniquely positioned to help supplement in-house capabilities and enhance ongoing production operations. Understanding that every customer journey is unique, our a la carte lineup of managed services offerings is specially tailored to Twilio Flex solution deployments. Being an authorized Twilio partner, we are empowered to offer our customers a Twilio Partner Delivered Support plan eliminating the need to hold a direct paid support plan with Twilio. This enables us to act as a single point-of-contact for all your contact center solution needs, where we interface and manage Twilio support as required. 

Operational Challenges 

Based on our experiences over the years providing adequate managed services to our Twilio client base, we tend to see common customer gaps and pain points steaming from several of the below operational roles and their responsibilities that play a critical factor in the ongoing success of a Flex solution.  

  • DevOps Management 
    • Set up adequate policies and permissions  
    • Centralized repository for logging of Twilio and developer error events 
    • Adequate tooling for visibility into real-time solution performance health monitoring  
    • Creation of deployment pipelines and release management 
    • Creation of scripts for the automation of tasks 
  • CloudOps Management 
    • Set up and management of sufficient alerting thresholds, such as Amazon CloudWatch errors, within 3rd party cloud applications. 
    • Monitor cloud application services and infrastructure running in 3rd party cloud hosting services (AWS, Azure, GCP)   
    • Optimize performance and capacity of applications running in 3rd party cloud hosting services (AWS, Azure, GCP)   
    • Update and/or migrate applications running in 3rd party cloud hosting services (AWS, Azure, GCP)   
  • Level 3 Support Engineering 
    • Troubleshoot issues related to customizations and integrations 
    • Log research analysis within custom components and 3rd party cloud hosting service (AWS, Azure, GCP) applications 
    • Debug error events within custom components 
    • Liaison with Twilio support and/or integrated 3rd party vendors to provide meaningful technical knowledge of incidents to help identify the root cause 
  • Full Stack Software Development 
    • Creation of bug fixes for any customizations 
    • Patching & upgrades of custom components to address security concerns, update legacy code, and/ or remain compatible with dependent Twilio services 
    • Modifications to existing custom functionality 
    • Development of new functionality and/or integrations  

MSO – A Dedicated Team of Experts 

Our dedicated team of experts in contact center software development and cloud computing helps organizations overcome these common challenges by utilizing best-of-breed operational management practices. In addition to our large subset of available managed services, we customize service offerings allowing for complete flexibility. Our assistance can dramatically accelerate the outcome with tightly defined service level agreements. Through our engagement, we can deliver numerous added-value services, such as: 

  • 24×7 technical support to assist with production issues 
  • Implement adequate logging to better enable your in-house support capabilities 
  • Monitor error events
  • Provide end-user/supervisor/admin training collateral and deliver live training sessions
  • Enable new channels of communication 
  • Execute backlogged work items 
  • Implement ad-hoc feature enhancements 

Please understand that once your Twilio solution has moved to production, it cannot just remain the status quo to self-run. The ever-evolving cloud and the main reasons you chose Twilio Flex in the first place must be front of mind. Continued optimizations, automation of processes, call deflection, and many other efficiencies will not just occur without adequate skillsets, data analysis, planning, and management.  

Why Perficient? 

We are a Twilio Gold Partner with an extensive team of certified Twilio Flex engineers, the first Twilio Flex Managed Services Provider Partner, and more than 20 years of experience delivering unparalleled customer engagement and contact center experience solutions. For more information on our Twilio Flex practice and capabilities, visit us on our Twilio partner page! 

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