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Perficient Listed in Forrester Now Tech: Customer Experience Strategy Consulting Practices, Q1 2022

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Improving customer experience is a top priority for most organizations looking to grow revenue. To deliver on this imperative requires identifying customer problems, developing a plan to profitably solve those problems, and building the necessary CX infrastructure.

Most CX leaders shouldn’t approach this task alone, and there are experienced partners ready to support them. That’s why Forrester published the Now Tech: Customer Experience Strategy Consulting Practices, Q1 2022 report. This listing of CX strategy providers includes Perficient and 32 other vendors, and it helps CX leaders understand the value they can expect from a CX strategy consulting practice and to select one based on size and capability.

How CX Strategy Consulting Providers Can Help

Perficient: Digital Strategy Experts
The Future is Digital

Becoming digital is the surest way for you to understand your customers' needs and meet their expectations. Learn how Perficient can help anticipate what's ahead for you and your customer with a digital strategy centered around empathy, alignment, and agility.

Watch Now: Digital Strategy Experts

In the Now Tech report, Forrester defines a CX strategy consulting practice as, “A consultancy that supports a company’s CX transformation initiative with expertise in the areas of strategy, experience design, business processes, and/or technology infrastructure.”

“CX strategy consulting practices can be found in a variety of services firms. And though these firms have different backgrounds and core strengths, they all generally help CX leaders:

  • “Diagnose customer problems that are lucrative to solve…
  • Develop a plan to solve those customer problems profitably…
  • Build the infrastructure needed to execute the CX transformation.”

Perficient’s Inclusion as a CX Strategy Consulting Provider

Perficient was included in the report as a midsize provider, which we believe is testament to our expertise leveraging digital capabilities to build seamless, personalized, and satisfying customer journeys.

Our strategists employ a strategic formulation approach, Perficient’s Envision Framework, to help clients get to the future fast, using three cumulative phases: Insights, Ideas, and Investment. It’s how we help clients rapidly identify opportunities, define a customer-focused vision, and develop a prioritized roadmap to transform their business.

Do you know how ready your company is to create, deliver, and sustain exemplary customer experiences? Learn more about Perficient’s five-week CX IQ jumpstart that will help you highlight priorities, create strategic alignment, and guide decisions about where and how to improve CX.

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