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Optimizely CMS 12 – .NET 5.0 – Error ID DXCS006

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I recently was able to start using one of the new Linux (.NET5.0/CMS12) DXP instances to do some testing/development in, and I came across an interesting error that threw me for a loop.

I, for one, am not very versed in .NET Core, so this is all very new to me, so needless to say, when I FINALLY get to the point of being able to deploy code into DXP, have it successfully upload, and then ultimately fail to publish, it was very frustrating.

The error code and message I got was:

::ERROR::      ErrorId=DXCS006;Description=The code package does not contain the right assemblies or versions needed for DXP. 


You can view this article over on my blog website.

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