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Organizational Change Management

4 Key Points From Our “4 Ways to Decrease Employee Turnover and Boost Satisfaction” Webinar

The pandemic has reignited the conversation around employee satisfaction. Many workers have valued the flexibility and the time they have saved with work-from-home and hybrid work models. COVID has also emboldened many employees to demand a work experience that is better than the status-quo and has made them more willing than before to ditch their jobs for new ones that can accommodate their newfound expectations.

Perficient’s Mike Willis and BrainStorm’s Casey Trujillo discussed strategies to keep employees feeling valued in their recent webinar, “4 Ways to Decrease Employee Turnover and Boost Satisfaction.” Here are some key takeaways from the webinar:

    1. Career growth, competitive wages, training, and technology are among the most important factors influencing people when deciding on a new employer. When it comes to technology, it’s critical to note that the journey doesn’t end when new technology is installed. To get the desired ROI, adequate investment must also be made in the implementation process. Just because you implement a piece of technology doesn’t mean that people will use it. Companies must leverage organizational change management practices to ensure user adoption.
    2. Resources need to be dedicated to improving employee onboarding and training. Willis and Trujillo suggest making the onboarding exercises structured while simultaneously easy to roam through, encouraging more perusal of sources outside of the mandatory training. They also suggest asking for feedback from trainees. Continuous improvement is vital.
    3. Accessibility to employee experience analytics is essential. Which employees are accessing training? What materials are they reviewing or seeking? Should you, as an organization, put certain resources front and center? Perficient and BrainStorm offer digital solutions that help deploy these analytics.
    4. There is a movement toward erring on the side of fewer meetings. When surveyed, the majority of respondents did not find that most meetings to be productive. Employees want more meaningful meetings.

Catch a recording of the webinar here, or watch it below, to get insight on how to retain your employees and ensure they have the best experience possible.

Employee Satisfaction Pic

If you need help designing and implementing a thoughtful and well-executed return-to-office strategy, our Organizational Change Management practice can help:

  • Align cross-functional executives (e.g., HR, IT, Facilities, Legal) on vision and strategy
  • Identify and develop key policies and guidelines
  • Prepare managers to lead in a hybrid environment
  • Increase productivity by reducing employee anxiety, fear, and resistance

To discuss your situation and needs, please reach out to

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Madeline McDermott

Madeline McDermott is an industry marketing coordinator at Perficient, based out of St. Louis.

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