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Life at Perficient

Recent Grads Share What They Learned Through Perficient’s Campus Program


Our People Promise states: “Perficient promises to challenge, champion, and celebrate our people.”

That promise is something we take seriously; we believe in championing each other through both challenges and celebrations. That support is baked into our culture, which is especially important at the beginning of your career.

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About Perficient’s Campus Program

The Perficient Campus Program provides intelligent and talented individuals who are just starting to build their careers the chance to grow while making a collective impact with other Perficient colleagues around the globe.

This program is for people who are:

  • Students with a technology-related major
  • About to graduate with your Bachelor’s degree
  • Passionate about technology
  • Looking to excel in their career

By providing an overview of Perficient’s business, culture, and tools, our enhanced training program for associates is specialized to provide an experience unique to the needs of recent grads.

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Why Join Perficient’s Campus Program

Taking your first job is a big decision and the company you choose can have a powerful impact on your career. Perficient’s success is built upon the success of our people, one fact that is never forgotten.

Here, a few of our colleagues share about their recent experience in the Campus Program and how it helped them find success.

Overcome First-Day on the Job Nerves

Campus Program attendees collaborate on a wide variety of projects and dive deeper into technology solutions before deploying to a client.

Micheal G

Micheal G., associate technical consultant at Perficient

“Everyone was very informative in what Perficient expects and how to improve ourselves as employees. Programs like this help, mainly because most new employees are nervous, and it helps to break the ice and make them feel more comfortable.” Michael G., associate technical consultant

“I enjoyed being surrounded (virtually of course) by people who are in the same shoes. It makes the whole thing a little less overwhelming.” JeanPaul A., associate technical consultant

Launch Your Career with a Built-in Support System

“I think it’s important to show up for your new employees by setting up the support system from the start. On the first day, I was overwhelmed by all the resources and support from everyone we talked to. Everyone always encouraged us to reach out and ask questions which demonstrated what makes Perficient’s company culture so great.” Gabby T., associate business consultant

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Learn about Perficient and the Role You Play in How the Business Operates

“Programs like this are helpful for new hires joining a company of this scale. A lot of information was needed, and thankfully, a lot was given.” JeanPaul A., associate technical consultant

Enjoy our Continuous Learning Environment

Between Perficient Academy, bimonthly Career Growth panels, and several knowledge-sharing communities, there is no shortage in educational content to keep our colleagues developing as professionals, and as people.

“The Campus Program was great! My favorite part of the program had to be the variety of speakers. Every step was carefully talked through, and everyone was willing to stop and help whenever we needed.” Michael G., associate technical consultant

Learn Key Business Skills


Gabby T., associate business consultant at Perficient

“By interacting with my peers, I also learned from their questions that I didn’t think to ask. I felt supported from the start because people from different areas of the company were showing effort to be part of my career development in any way that they can.” Gabby T., associate business consultant

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Enjoy Community with Other Campus Program Attendees

“My favorite part of the Campus Programs is that we were constantly connecting with our peers. It was comforting to know that we’re all starting out on the same page even though we’re all coming from different backgrounds, cities, levels of education, and skillsets. All of us coming together and interacting was fun because I didn’t feel misguided or alone.” Gabby T., associate business consultant

Experience the Joy of Collaborative Colleagues That Wants You to Succeed

“I’ve learned that it’s not realistic to think you’ll know everything about everything in your career. Adaptability is key.” JeanPaul A., associate technical consultant

Contribute to Perficient’s Knowledge-Sharing Culture

When you move at the pace Perficient does, it becomes quickly apparent you cannot do it all. The more collaborative you are, the more resources you have when you need them.

“I learned the importance of continuing to pass the knowledge I’ve gained through the Campus Program to other employees to also help them develop their careers and better the company as a whole.” Gabby T., associate business consultant

Perficient provides a space to be helped, and also help others. We believe that mentoring up is just as important as mentoring down.

By providing an overview of Perficient’s business, culture, and tools, our enhanced training program is specialized to provide an experience unique to the needs of recent grads.

Our Campus Program is typically hosted in our global headquarters, however, it has been virtual since Spring of 2020. We look forward to continuing to build our Campus Program to facilitate the best, safest, and more successful training experience available.


At Perficient, we continually look for ways to champion and challenge our talented workforce with interesting projects for high-profile clients, encourage personal and professional growth through training and mentoring, and celebrate our people-oriented culture and the innovative ways they serve Perficient and the community.

Learn more about what it’s like to work at Perficient at our Careers page.

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