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Join Perficient and Twilio Experts as They Discuss Programmable Contact Centers

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Perficient’s CES Planning and Contact Center Strategist, Lora-Lee Pond, will be joining Twilio experts Tuesday, June 15 for the second installment of Twilio Talks to discuss Flex as the programmable contact center of the future. Lora-Lee will illustrate, first-hand, the strategy and implementation behind Twilio Flex here at Perficient.

Historically contact centers have been served by a combination of proprietary hardware and numerous disparate software applications. The result? A brittle architecture impeding agile development, innovation and incurring high maintenance costs. The advent of Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) has removed some of this pain but in a cookie-cutter way which limits functionality, customization and ultimately results. A programmable Contact Center allows enterprises to uniquely tailor contact center capabilities to better serve customers, agents, and management teams.

In today’s contact center climate, it is important to stay ahead of customers’ ever-changing expectations. With Twilio Flex’s programmability you have complete control of every channel, interface, routing, workflow etc.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to a creating a contact center as unique as your business

Join us for an hour-long session where Twilio and Perficient experts share how an agile approach enabled by a contact center platform with comprehensive API’s can deliver customized capabilities to reduce cost, increase CSAT, and boost agent productivity. Benefiting from fast delivery and rapid time to benefit, programmable technologies reduce risk and lead to better outcomes.

This is the second of three installments in partnership with Perficient and Twilio. These virtual events are completely free to join but space is extremely limited! Register today!

All attendees will receive swag at the conclusion of the event, compliments of Twilio.

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