Oracle Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Not yet ready to move to the public cloud due to data sovereignty, security and latency concerns, but tired of infrastructure maintenance and costs?  More infrastructure is being demanded daily and looking for a solution to keep the costs under control without compromising or trimming initiatives for IT or business? Then here is the solution for all your problems – Oracle Hybrid Model.

Hybrid Cloud

What is Oracle Hybrid – Combination of On-Prem, Cloud@Customer & Public Cloud

A la carte options for infrastructure from on premise to Oracle Cloud. There are several ways to implement partial Cloud solutions for customers based on their wants and needs. Infrastructure can be scaled as needed in Cloud while machine critical environments are still maintained and managed on-premise with customer-owned hardware or private Cloud@Customer. Let’s dive in further to learn a high-level understanding of Oracle’s Hybrid Model.

Below are a few combinations of cloud offerings for customers who are looking for options other than full public cloud.

On-Premise & Public Cloud

Due to data sovereignty, security, latency, and field deployability concerns, customers are looking for options to maintain and mange machine critical systems on-premise with customer-owned infrastructure, while the rest of the environments can be using hyperscale public cloud,  providing a great leverage to scale as needed. This model is a big differentiator in terms of costs with a high rise in quality of project deliveries. Provisioning of new environments and scaling the resources of the infrastructure in cloud is as simple as a few clicks of a button.  This is a great combo for customers with vast spectrums of projects that can’t compromise on machine critical data.

On-Premise & Private Cloud

Adoption to fully public cloud is a challenge due to a wide variety of reasons.  Now Oracle is providing a powerful and tempting solution. A hybrid model of customer-owned infrastructure along with private cloud (Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@customer).  This gives the customer the ability to house all of their infrastructure at their private data center but not to bother with any of the maintenance for their private cloud. This model is a great value to customers with data that is not adoptive to public cloud for various reasons but is still interested in cloud offerings. A great way of saving costs while still maintaining all data on-premise within a cloud solution.

 Private Cloud & Public Cloud

This is a complete cloud solution (Hybrid Cloud).  It is the best option to totally avoid managing and maintaining infrastructure. All machine critical systems are still housed at customer data center with Cloud@Customer offerings.  Project-oriented or non-critical systems can be managed using public cloud. With this solution, Oracle brings the complete cloud services to the customer’s data center.  This is invaluable for customers who are tired of being responsible for periodically upgrading hardware, storage, software, etc.  This solution is hassle-free and allows customers to walk away from infrastructure maintenance forever. 

With all these options, there are so many great choices to help you save cost, time and allow more focus on core business streams. You decide what you want and Perficient is here to help you all the way from initial guidance through delivery.  

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Suresh Kapa is a Technical Architect in the Oracle ERP practice based out of Dallas, a Certified Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect with expertise in Oracle EBS/Oracle Databases and Associated Technologies. Suresh leads our Global Delivery Center ERP DBA production support team (24X7).

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