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Byte-3 – Data is the new Tofu ,Data Architecture Modernization

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 Data is the greatest asset for any organization. Data architecture modernization provides the ability to understand the information effectively, use the data efficiently for market growth, create new revenues, and gain customer satisfaction. 

In today’s world, Data leaders are playing a vital role, and here are the top 10 things they are looking at in every data modernization journey. 

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  1. People -Leverage existing people, cross-train, and gain benefits using modernization frameworks.
  2. Self Service – Enable business owners to visualize data without any IT assistance.
  3. Fit for purpose- One size doesn’t fit all; leverage technologies or tools best suited. 
  4. Cloud-first approach– Focus on delivering business value rather than maintaining the platform or infrastructure. 
  5. Streaming – To enable business owners to use the latest information to deliver rapid business values. 
  6. No Vendor lock-in: This is getting tricky in today’s world. Often depends on the long term vision and criticality of the business needs. Ex: multi-cloud strategy. 
  7. Predictive Analysis: Tap into predictive actions rather than reactive reactions.
  8. Time to value: Leverage out of the box features to gain business value in no time (minimal time 🙂 ).
  9. Data Lake: Preserve raw data to perform a variety of actions and enable different use cases.
  10.  The-iliites: yes. Fitness functions are essential.

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