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Anandh Asokan

Experienced IT professional in digital and consulting services, technology to help clients deliver values for their customers, defined and developed integration products (API, Event streams, and bulk load assets), Data (Data ingestion to analytics pipeline, MDM). A thought leader in defining a strategy with a pragmatic approach for the organization transformation. He has delivered high-quality products in various technologies and industry domains with a reputation in execution and mentorship. Passionate engineering professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in Computer science and a Master's degree in Software Engineering !.

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Byte 13 – Product as an Asset – Where to invest and what will return ?

Have you been part of defining strategy and asking for investments from the stakeholders ?. One of the primary questions that you will get from the stakeholder is “what is the ROI (Return of investment) ?”. All returns and investments are not directly related to the money.  I like the quote : “We tend to […]

Byte 12: Are you embarking on a cloud journey?

Cloud is a buzzword in every organization right now. Everyone is defining a strategy for moving towards the cloud that is happening as we speak. Everyone expresses interest in being part of the ‘cloud’ journey.  Is this journey really about pushing a magic button? Doing lift and shift from on-premise to cloud – If so, […]

Information Architecture

Byte 11 – Do you have Architecture for the product development?

Do you define the architecture before you begin the product development and iterate them over while developing the product ?. If the answer is yes, you are on the right track to building the product right. The art of building architecture does not just refer to how the system connects. It’s also about ‘Why’ we […]

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Byte 10 – Are you building the big data solutions right?.

Big data solutions are a field to process data from disparate sources, store the data, and perform analysis to get a meaningful and measurable action from the data. The benefits from big data processing provide a variety of insights, bring values to the organization.  Understand your data.  Determine intelligent actions.  Valuable decision-making.  Identification of New […]

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Byte-9: Build your own in-house technology radar

Do you have your own technology radar? Did you build any recently? If not, I recommend you to build one. Technology radar helps to give a view of your tools and technologies which are in play and assigning them to the different quadrants of the radar. It gives a visual representation of the adoption level […]

Agile Ahead

Byte-8: Agile transformation – Building Products

Are you in the agile transformation phase from executing projects to building products ?. Yes. Its a cultural shift which involves people, process and technology. It’s a journey, start with small and do a roadshow on how it works or how to make it work ?.   In my view, Product Enablement within the organization requires  […]

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Byte-7: Utilize your data via API to maximize the market presence

Today organizations are transforming to adapt to the new market needs and expand the business. Every organization is looking to maximize its value by utilizing the most incredible asset called data. Some organizations don’t have the scale to build everything independently, which drives the need for partnership with other organizations to maximize the market presence […]

Byte-6: Integration Center For Enablement

Integration center for enablement helps an organization to maximize its investments. Integration is the heart of any organization to deliver the best returns and make the enterprise produce products/ features rapidly. Building an integration center for enablement is a journey. Think from enterprise vision vs. siloed vision  Get executives to support, an important aspect. Establish […]

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Byte-5: DevOps 101

DevOps is a set of practices dedicated to building, delivering, and operating rapidly-evolving systems in close alignment with business objectives. Some key practices are prolific communication and collaboration among all participants in the software development life cycle (SDLC). DevOps focuses on creating an ongoing feedback loop of analyzing, building, and testing while leveraging automation to […]

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Byte-4 : Increase agility, gain productivity with DevOps

DevOps vs. Agile is NOT a debate. Each one addresses a specific problem; when using together to build a product, it realizes the productivity gains. Agile and DevOps helps to take an idea and deliver it to produce business value. Architecture plays a vital role in bringing the concept and providing the right solutions to […]

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Byte-3 – Data is the new Tofu ,Data Architecture Modernization

 Data is the greatest asset for any organization. Data architecture modernization provides the ability to understand the information effectively, use the data efficiently for market growth, create new revenues, and gain customer satisfaction.  In today’s world, Data leaders are playing a vital role, and here are the top 10 things they are looking at in […]

Website Design. Developing Programming And Coding Technologies.

Byte-2 – API as a Product

Every organization is maximizing its values by enabling data consumption through API. API’s are everywhere, and it’s an integral part of all the applications that we use today.  It’s essential to manage those API as a product. Here are a few tips/suggestions/questions that you need to consider how we approach API product management.  Key takeaways […]

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