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Byte-2 – API as a Product

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Every organization is maximizing its values by enabling data consumption through API. API’s are everywhere, and it’s an integral part of all the applications that we use today. 

It’s essential to manage those API as a product. Here are a few tips/suggestions/questions that you need to consider how we approach API product management. 

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Key takeaways you to consider from the beginning of API product journey : 

  1. Identify the APIs that provide business value for the enterprise or any business line.
  2. Understand the consumer usage patterns of the API’s 
  3. Automation is the key to accelerate API product development. 
  4. API Analytics – Analyze consumer traffic in real-time 
  5. Monitor- API response time and errors.
  6. Enable threat and Security protection to secure the data. 
  7. More importantly, start with a SMALL use case to demonstrate business value. 


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