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2020 Embrace the Moment Gala for Michigan Council of Women in Technology

The Michigan Council of Women in Technology (MCWT) virtually presented the 12th annual Embrace the Moment – MCWT Digital Signature Gala on Saturday, October 17, 2020. This event empowers female leaders in Michigan who change the world through technology. I had the opportunity to attend this unique event and learn more about the incredible initiatives put forth to help bridge the gap in IT-related occupations held by women in Michigan and across the United States.

What is the MCWT Foundation?

The MCWT Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to inspiring girls and women in technology by encouraging, advancing, and retaining women in Michigan’s tech community. Comprising of a network of executives, students, business owners, entrepreneurs, and other leaders, the group collaborates to provide mentoring, networking, technology experiences, and leadership development through youth summer camps, college and graduate scholarships, professional networking events, and more. Perficient is a proud sponsor of MCWT, participating and sponsoring events such as Embrace the Moment, the MCWT Southeast Michigan Golf Classic, and through their scholarship program in partnership with Grand Circus to teach Java skills to our team members.


During the event, I was able to enter and exit virtual rooms with various influential executives and ask questions and join in conversations about what companies are doing to promote this cause. I was also able to participate in discussions on the current and future atmosphere for women in technology. Amy Krause, Director of IT, Emerging Marketing, Corporate Services & IT Practice at BCBSM lead a discussion on women in technology and how BCBSM sponsors events to show young women the possibilities and opportunities in STEM.

The Success of Embrace the Moment

Over 500 individuals attended this lively event to engage with its multiple programs, auction, and entertainment by The Dan Rafferty Band. The gala raised $352,000 in gross revenue for the MCWT programs that inspire and help grow girls and women in technology. Visit the MCWT website for more information on the foundation and the event, and check out how Perficient celebrates women in technology.

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