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Handshake Powers Elasticpath Intelligent Search

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Elasticpath is a market leader for headless commerce microservices and are great partners. Search driven commerce has extreme value for online retailers. Search drives customers to better recommendations. It tracks the conversions and query terms that translate to more sales. With machine learning, search quantifies the search results that translate directly to sales.

For the last few weeks, we have worked closely with EP to build a search integration that brings the power of their platform to any search solution. We have more content coming soon describing that integration soon. For now you can find Handshake in the Elasticpath marketplace.

We are honored that Handshake is the integration recommended by Elasticpath for Coveo, Google Cloud Search, Azure Cognitive Search, Elasticsearch, and more.

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Zachary Fischer

Zachary Fischer is a Senior Solutions Architect in the Perficient Data Solutions Intelligent Search Practice. He specializes in large scale search knowledge and commerce implementations, as well as Perficient product management. When not working, Zach enjoys playing music and spending time with his dog.

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