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[Analyst Study] Delivering Customer-Centric Experiences for Digital Commerce

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Having a digital experience platform (DXP) that’s just “good enough” doesn’t cut it anymore. Whether you’re responding to shifts in the economy, society, or just customer preference, being able to deliver a robust omnichannel commerce experience is now the cost of doing business.

Perficient and Episerver partnered with IDC, a leading industry research organization to explore what successful digital experience management looks like in 2020 and beyond. The trends identified align exactly with what we’ve been seeing the marketplace, and we’ll highlight a few here. Be sure to download the paper for the full report!

The Three Things Every Business Needs to Know to Succeed with DXP

  • Omnichannel is no longer a choice: if 2020 has taught us nothing else, it’s that the world can change in an instant. Companies need to choose partners and technologies that can adapt across any channel.
  • There are no silver bullets: if the digital experience isn’t backed by sound strategy, customers won’t see the benefits of a DXP. And companies won’t either.
  • Digital-first, last and always: the future of commerce depends on being ready to respond, adapt, and fine-tune. Only those businesses that can modify their model with agility will survive and thrive in the digital economy.

Unlock the Power of Engagement

When done right, a modern DXP drives not only engagement but sales. There are huge benefits to the business when technology, people and process align around a strategy that is well-crafted. Companies benefit from:

  • Rapid iteration: Launch, test, refine, repeat
  • Better conversion: Reduce cart churn, increase loyalty, and drive lifetime value
  • Personalization: Deliver the right message at the right time, with personalization that changes behavior
  • Improved flexibility: Empower your team to author faster with a modular approach
  • Scalability: Design experiences with an operational focus that grows with your business

Download the full paper and learn more about how Perficient’s unique digital consulting approach, powered by Episerver’s market-leading DXP, can drive a truly customer-focused commerce experience.

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