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The Science of Artificial General Intelligence

I was just listening to an Audio Book titled “The Fourth Age: Smart Robots, Conscious Computers, and the Future of Humanity” and going through an interesting period of listening and comparing the Dualism Theory and Artificial General Intelligence. This is an interesting thought and wanted to share it with you expecting comments and thoughts.

Let me explain…

Dualism Theory

Although there are multiple definitions in the context of dualism, I am going to focus on mind-body relationship since it directly relates to AI. Dualism explains the relationship between physical matters and mental matters (body and mind). The physical matters are usually visible to everyone including properties such as height, weight, color, and movement. However, the mental matters involve perceptual and emotional experiences called consciousness.  Dualism explains the relationship between physical and mental properties and how one can influence the others’ behavior.

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Non-Conscious Mind

Another important thought to follow is the mind’s ability to be non-conscious (not to be confused with unconscious). A non-conscious state of mind is when mind is an involuntary behavior of mind to control the body. Some examples may include breathing, certain parts of sign language understanding, and involuntary action such as not going close to fire.

This is how Journal Psyche describes it: “As such, the idea of the subconscious as some mysterious land mostly accessed when we sleep or fall into another sort of trance state is inherently flawed; the non conscious mind is active every waking moment of our lives, and we would be more or less incapable of understanding the world around us without it. ”

Now if I compare these train of thoughts to AI, Artificial General Intelligence’s (AGI) eventual goal is to simulate these 2 types of action. However, AGI is far away from us at the moment. Scientists and researchers are not sure of when the nirvana of AGI will be achieved. However, if and when it does, it has be carefully considered and humans have to make sure they are actively engaged in the workflow of decision making to make sure that the decisions are driven by humans.

Take the case study of AI playing Go and defeating Lee Sedol vs AI getting trained on Chess. Chess is comparatively easy because it has a defined set of moves. However, if you take the story of Go, Alpha Go from Google surprised viewers and creators equally when it made moves that was not expected by a predefined set of algorithms. So would you consider Alpha Go and its recent versions as AGI?

If you have other thoughts about this, would welcome to have you post your comments in my LinkedIn.

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