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Organizational Change Management

How OCM Can (and Should) Pay for Your Next Project

In this blog series, I examine how change management can (and should) pay for your next project. This post addresses the demand for value from change management.

Business transformation is a significant challenge for many executives and organizations. Whether the transformation is a large ERP implementation, shared services, applying new methodologies to product development, or an attempt to restructure a supply chain, achieving value in a transformational project is time consuming and costly.

So, why do organizations engage in business transformation?

In today’s hyper-competitive landscape, organizations must transform to keep up with – even exceed – customer, business, and employee expectations and realize value. Value realization is defined as cost avoidance, cash back, or soft savings. Many executives face internal and external pressures to realize immediate value without regard to forecasted project completion dates. The luxury of waiting for the value to be realized at the conclusion of a project – which could be years – is over.

This guide is for those who are unsatisfied with their experiences in capturing the full value of business transformation initiatives. Organizational change management (OCM) can, and should, be used to accelerate real business value, even to the extent of “paying” for the rest of the transformation project.

OCM should no longer be viewed as a necessary cost but instead as a profit driver.

For more insight on how OCM can (and should) pay for your next project, download our guide here or below.

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