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Sitecore Symposium 2018: Development Workflow with JSS

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Alex Shyba from showed us how to go from design to deployed with JSS and React.


  • Component based design systems
    • Material UI
    • Bootstrap
  • Bring functional and visual consistency to your designs
  • Need a single source of truth
  • React is agnostic to rendering target
  • React integrates with Sketch
  • FramerX
    • Drag and drop React UI builder
    • Does not generate code
  • React Studio
    • Real time data in your UI builder
    • Code generation

Front-end Development

  • Component composition engine for React, Vue, and Angulr
  • Sprinkles of Sitecore
    • When translating from pure React to JSS
      • You have to change your components from being statically placed to using placeholder names
      • Import sitecore-jss-react
      • Add your components to the placeholder in .yml files in disconnected mod
      • Register components in manifest from JSS

CMS Integration

  • > jss setup
  • Creates all your items in Sitecore
  • ExperienceEditor enabled for editing content
    • Calls out to React app to get the UI then to JSS to get the data then serves to ExEd

App Deployment

  • Deploy anywhere
    • Content is served by Sitecore
      • Azure
      • AWS
    • Content delivery server
      • Good for static content
      • Caches the JSON output from the server

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