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Amazon Is at It Again

This Time it’s in the Contact Center with Amazon Connect.

Contact Centers are complex, expensive, and require time from small pool of expensive engineers who have a unique set of skills on a specific platform. Right?  Wrong.

A few weeks ago, we produced a video demonstrating the self-service capabilities of Amazon Connect using Amazon Lex, the service that powers Alexa. In that video, we showed how integration with a third-party CRM product–in this case MS Dynamics–could add value in scenarios where a caller checks the status of a case and then opens a new case.

We then expanded on that use case and added automatic SMS updates wheneverer changes in the case status or ticket are detected in MS Dynamics.

While some may point out this capability isn’t necessarily ground-breaking in the contact center industry, our experts found it amazing how little time and effort it took to set up. What once took weeks or even months and required licensing from a contact center product and highly skilled engineers that specialized in Cisco, Genesys, or Avaya took only few hours for a developer who understands Java and was easily available in Amazon Connect and AWS.

With Amazon Connect, AWS has again moved into an industry and provided a product that is incredibly customer friendly while also highly scalable, reliable, and breaks the traditional pricing model.

If you’re interested to learn more visit our web page here.  To talk with us about how we help companies get the most out of Amazon connect, click here.


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