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Adding Field Spacing on Detail/Summary Page in Oracle Sales Cloud

I’ve been involved in numerous Oracle Sales Cloud implementations. One of the most requested requirements is adding space between fields on a detail/summary page, for example, adding space below the ‘Account Name’ and ‘Lead Source’ fields.

Detail Summary Page Oracle Sales Cloud

Oracle Sales Cloud does not currently support this feature. However, after working with our development team, we found a solution by creating ‘blank’ fields and including them on the detail/summary page layout.

The steps are as follows:

1. Go to the Application Composer->Standard Objects->Account object, create the two text ‘blank’ fields with the Display Label set to ‘.’ (without the quotes) and uncheck the Updatable checkbox.

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Detail Summary Page Oracle Sales Cloud


2. The custom fields have been added.

Detail Summary Page Oracle Sales Cloud

3. Go to the detail/summary page layout and add the custom fields to the layout. One after the ‘Account Name’ and other after the ‘Lead Source.’

4. Go to the Account detail/summary page and validate your changes.

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Will Shieh, Solutions Architect, Oracle CX

Will is a Solutions Architect in Perficient’s Oracle CX Practice. He is an accomplished Oracle Applications consultant with more than 14 years’ experience in information technology consulting. He is certified in Siebel and Oracle Sales Cloud and is an expert in the latest Oracle Sales Cloud offerings.

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