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Field of Data Science in 2018

It is no secret that a data science and analytics specialty was one of the hottest and fastest growing careers in 2017, leading to resource shortages (as denoted by the picture below). However, in 2018 and beyond, a data scientist will evolve into data engineer, a data steward, and a governance lead. Every field will groom their own data scientists including finance, marketing, sales, HR, procurement, risk, compensation, and even database administration.

Given the growth of the field and our outstanding team, I am optimistic about the potential in 2018 for our Data Science group in Perficient. Over the past year we’ve implemented a number of exciting data science projects across a variety of industries. A sample includes:

  • ChatBot for a large automotive manufacturer
  • Airbnb model of warehousing for a small startup
  • Fuel pricing platform for a large oil and gas company
  • Solution for a large healthcare company to better read and understand their claims and health data
  • Recommendation engine for a large grocer

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