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Sitecore Symposium 2017: Deploying Sitecore to Azure

This session was lead by Ciaran McAuliffe from Sitecore. He showed how to use several different tools to deploy Sitecore in Azure using the Platform as a Service (Paas) model. Here are my notes from the session:

  • Azure Marketplace
    • Use this when you need a quick site to test on and you do not need continuous integration and deployment
    • You still need a valid Sitecore license. You cannot buy one directly from the Azure Marketplace.
    • The install wizard allows you to include optional Sitecore modules and ensures the correct versions are installed to match the selected Sitecore version
  • Sitecore Azure Toolkit
    • This is basically the backend of how the Azure Marketplace works
    • It uses prebuild ARM (Azure Resource Manager) templates to create the site
    • It can be automated and customized
  • Azure Powershell CmdLets
    • This is basically the backend of how the Azure Toolkit works
    • Use this when you need more control of the install process or add extra files
    • You can create an install package for you own Sitecore site
  • Managed Cloud
    • Sitecore (the company) setups up the initial environment in Azure
    • Sitecore (the company) manages all the infrastructure
  • The default Paas environment includes
    • Web app
    • App Insights
    • Azure SQL
    • Azure Search
    • Redis Cache
    • MongoDB
  • Note that many of the default services can be swapped for similar services
    • Azure search for Solor or Coveo
    • App Insights for NewRelic
    • Web Apps for full vitural machines

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