Overcoming the Frustrations of Bidding Automation with AMO

Bidding automation within paid search, while a very exciting opportunity, can be a frustration for advertisers. For advertisers with specific and/or complex bidding needs, tools like Smart Bidding just aren’t flexible enough.

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Numerous bidding automation tools exist to help companies face these challenges. In a recent blog post, Tania Lau of  Perficient Digital discussed her favorite third-party tool, Adobe Media Optimizer (AMO). Soon to be rebranded as Adobe Advertising Cloud Search, this tool offers several capabilities to help paid search marketers tackle challenges while providing increased flexibility.

Check out the full blog post to learn more about how AMO can help you increase your conversion rates and revenue. Tania covers search engine account integration, KPI flexibility, automatic campaign budget allocation, and integration with Adobe Marketing Cloud, among other reasons it’s her go-to bidding automation and optimization tool. Are you already using AMO? Comment and let us know how it’s helped you!

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