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What I’m Looking Forward to at IMC Today

Today is another great day at IMC 2017. Action-packed RAP sessions throughout the morning and additional subjects in the afternoon. I’ll mention a couple examples and then we hope you’re able to stop by our booth #406 to say “hello.” Yes, the vendor booths are open today with lots of things to learn about and networking opportunities.

This information might be late depending on when you’re able to read it, but 8am is when they give out and celebrate the Uptime Rewards in the Estero Ballroom. This is where the best of the best are recognized for their ability to lower operating cost and generate positive money related outcomes from their work. There are different awards; hopefully you and your company might make the stage!

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The RAP talks are a mix of subjects from going digital and cloud, several sessions on reliability and improving asset performance, and other technologies / disciplines to help solve today’s complex problems. The great part about all these is they’re followed by one another, so if you want to skip a subject to network or something else, you can jump back in the room for the RAP you’re interested in. No duplicate sessions at the same time, so hopefully you don’t miss anything…

In the afternoon there are more presentations from those in the industry, like you, talking about challenges they’ve faced and the positive outcomes they’ve been able to create. The presenters come from all different industries, so see if someone in a different industry has something you can learn from, I bet they have similar challenges. I saw in one session yesterday that 37% of those responding are Maximo clients, have you meet them to mingle and chat about things?

After visiting the booths (sorry, shameless little plug after we stand there all day), don’t forget about the world famous Casino Night followed by Karaoke this evening. There’s typically a lot of laughter and good times to be had by all. Some very nice prizes for those lucky enough to win them. Good luck to all y’all!

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