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How to Run Liferay in Docker

One of today’s trending technologies is Docker, useful and being widely applied in the continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD) and auto deployment practices. While commonly used in application development use cases, there are also successes in digital experience situations, as our Perficient China team has discovered. Their implementation makes our entire application/instance to be lightweight in the deployment and lay the foundation of CI & CD.
Step 1 – Requirements
The China team has been running a Liferay 6.2 portlet application and MySQL 5.7 DB instance in a Linux box for a while. Many customized objects such as SSO, users, groups, theme, structure, template and portlets have been created in the application, so the migration work is quite different with the brand-new Liferay installation. They installed a new host Linux machine as a target, inside the host they run MySQL.
Step 2 – Solution Overview
In their case, the China team set up another Linux box to install Docker and then transfer the current Liferay application and MySQL schema into the Docker containers, but there is no change on the access method for the end users as they can just access the new Host machine with specified port (e.g. 8080). The latest Docker installations requires CentOS 7 version. The most effort spent during the installation and configuration are on the Docker images building and debugging. It includes the 3 parts:

  • Install Docker environments in CentOS 7.0
  • Build MySQL image, run the container and migrate scheme data
  • Build Liferay 6.3 image, run the container and do the validation

You can read more of what they did on our Delivery Blog and try out the implementation for yourself. Let us know how it works as you spin up your Liferay implementation.
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