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Sitecore Commerce Mentoring Guild

Are you new to Sitecore Commerce? Well, you are not alone. There is a lot of excitement about Sitecore Commerce this year. With the introduction of Sitecore Commerce 8.2.1 and the new feature set, it is definitely ready for prime time.
The challenge faced is a familiar one to anybody attempting to rapidly learn a highly complex application. You can learn some of the basics but all those little things that can eat up hours of your time. Challenges that those seasoned in Sitecore Commerce would say oh, for that you do this. Those seasoned professionals have likely written blog articles on these as the Sitecore community is all about sharing, but finding it can be a challenge.  Is it a blog article, an answer on Slack or Stackexchange or Sitecore Community, or simply an email or Skype conversation.
This is where Sitecore Commerce Mentoring Guild comes in. It provides a place where you can meet others working with Sitecore Commerce at various levels. You can ask questions and get answers. You can view the various documents that help with:

  • key concepts
  • issues you may be running into
  • information on best practices
  • specific gotchas that even a seasoned architect would make by default.

This Guild exists cross-channel so if you are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Slack, you can find the channel that works best for you.

  • The Facebook Page offers a news feed where you can pick up the highlights. This feed may get more technical and may refer to the documents on the Facebook Group.
  • The Facebook Group offers a place to ask questions, take part in polls, access and edit community documents on various topics.
  • The LinkedIn Group offers a more business friendly feed. Here you will find out more about training.  Some high level overviews.
  • The Slack Channel #ecommerce has existed for a while and there are almost 200 members. As the Sitecore Commerce interest grows this group will surely grow in scores.
  • The GitHub offers a Wiki to store links to articles, videos and tools as well as a place to store code samples, Powershell Scripts and other files.

We look forward to working with you on your learning journey, and if you require assistance getting started on your next Sitecore Commerce project, we would love to partner with you for a successful deployment.

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