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Consider This When Migrating To Argus Safety

When I’m approached by clients to discuss safety projects, it is generally about implementing Oracle’s Argus Safety, upgrading the system, or discussing their ability to comply with regulatory requirements.

Recently, I was asked about migrating from a legacy drug safety database to Argus. We discussed the methods available, such as leveraging an Oracle dump, a CSV file, and E2B+, as well as the level of effort each approach would require.

However, we began to question whether a data migration was even necessary, as our conversation about the requirements (or lack thereof) the company put forth, progressed.

SAS was being used for aggregate reporting and there was no current need for any reporting on the cases themselves, as this was an old legacy trial. But, the CRO’s customer was adamant that the data should be housed in a safety system.

All in all, unless safety reporting is necessary or another valid reason surfaces, then consider keeping the data in a CSV file and continue to use SAS for the aggregate reporting. It’s safe, effective, and will save your organization money.


If you’re interested in implementing Argus Safety, please reach out to discuss your situation. For over 20 years, we’ve helped many pharma, biotech, med device, and CROs implement clinical and safety systems, not to mention migrate data from legacy solutions. As far as deployment options, we’re flexible. However, most of our clients choose to implement in our compliant life sciences cloud. It’s worth a look, if you’re not familiar with it.

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