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How Smart Content Meets Smart Systems

Your customer is as unique as your business. As such, curating unique content for each person and each of their preferred experiences can be a real struggle. This is especially true considering the potentially hundreds of digital assets you have to sift through. You need a content management system that is on the same level […]

10 Takeaways from Adobe’s Digital Marketing Masters Workshop

I had the opportunity to attend the first-ever Adobe Digital Marketing Masters Workshop in the Adobe office in San Francisco last week. The 5-day in-classroom workshop was packed with knowledge and hands-on information about some of the most popular Adobe Experience Cloud products, including Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Campaign, Adobe Target, Adobe Analytics, Dynamic Tag Management, […]

Kicking off Adobe Summit 2017 with a Look Back and Forward

Adobe kicked off Adobe Summit 2017 with a Business Partner Day. Several Adobe executives spoke about Adobe’s growth over the past few years, the strategies they have in place and recent performance numbers. Adobe embarked on their cloud strategy back in 2011 and in 2016 Adobe had 20% YoY increase in revenue. In their Marketing […]

Dynamic Tag Management: Project Reactor Coming Soon

Project Reactor is a tag management solution that empowers any developer to build, maintain, and update their own integrations into the Adobe platform. This capability gives marketers an app-store-like experience to quickly deploy web technologies, and integrate data to power compelling consumer experiences. At present, Dynamic Tag Management (DTM) is a top enterprise-level activation solution. It […]

Year in Review: Your Favorite Adobe Blog Posts of 2016

As 2016 draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on all the insights shared on the new Adobe partner blog. Let’s recap the most-read posts for the year: 10 | Protecting Your Adobe Analytics Implementation from Start to End Review the list of tools that can make your life easier when auditing your Adobe […]

Building An Agile Driven Digital Governance for Adobe Analytics

So you have management buy-in to implementing Adobe Analytics, now what? It’s time to start to ensure digital governance is in place before you implement your Adobe Analytics solution. In the words of the great fictional Peter Parker, “With great power, comes great responsibility”. Building a safe digital governance program can provide a collaborative ecosystem […]

One Visitor ID To Rule Them All

Using Visitor ID to connect visitor profiles across Adobe Analytics, Target, and Audience Manager has been on Adobe’s to do list for a long time and many marketers as well. Far too long, integration between the Adobe products included many gaps and data integration issues such cookie deletion and dependency on data collection servers to […]

Adobe Summit: Integrating Adobe DTM, Target, Analytics & AEM

At this year’s summit Adobe Summit, we had the exciting opportunity to showcase Perficient as a leading Adobe partner. As a Silver Sponsor, we felt it was our duty to demo Adobe powerful products from the Marketing Cloud by integrating Adobe Dynamic Tag Management (DTM – formally known as Satellite), Adobe Experience Manager (AEM – […]

Protecting Your Adobe Analytics Implementation from Start to End

Part of every implementation requires multiple environments, load order rules, data collection processing and User Acceptance Testing (UAT). Unfortunately, there currently isn’t a solution in the market that can unify all these moving pieces due to the complex nature of data collection but I have a list of tools that can make your life easier […]