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The Data Opportunity of Events from Facebook

Another digital advertising opportunity may exist soon thanks to Facebook. With the launch of their Events from Facebook app, we predict the data collected from the app could open up another avenue for reaching potential customers.
The new app allows consumers to find local events or those their friends are interested in. In addition, it keeps a personalized calendar of a user’s events with maps for how to get to them. With over 100 million people per day using Facebook Events, the app could gain as much success as the Messenger app (now over one billion users) that Facebook launched as a standalone in 2014.
We expect the insights from the Events app will be monetized for advertiser targeting so advertisers can reach the social audience that most aligns with their product or service. For example, Events users with farmers markets and art fairs on their calendars would be a great target to show an organic oil message or a home décor promoted post. These additional insights may also be incorporated into your future content strategy.
While this is only a prediction, any time we can expand the strategy of Facebook Engagement ads using additional data, we support it.
Image source: Facebook Newsroom

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Ronda Guimond, Director, Paid Media

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