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Sitecore DevOps on Microsoft Azure

A few months ago, Tim McCarthy and I had the opportunity to give a presentation at Sitecore Symposium in New Orleans, LA about Sitecore, infrastructure-as-code, and build and release strategy using Visual Studio Team Services and Microsoft Azure. These are platforms and practices that we use daily in maintaining consistent build and deploy processes and it was great to be able to share this experience and expertise with the broader Sitecore community. Additionally, it generated the opportunity for a lot of conversation and collaboration with some giants in the field resulting in lots of new ideas and fresh perspectives.
The presentation from Sitecore Symposium and the corresponding insights gained have been distilled into a white paper. We hope that it will help give you a better understanding of what DevOps is and its importance in the Sitecore and Azure ecosystems as well as how Perficient and Microsoft can help you and your organization streamline Sitecore implementations.
You can get the white paper here:

Thoughts on “Sitecore DevOps on Microsoft Azure”

  1. Hi. Great little article. I\’m very interested in the white paper but I cannot find a link on the page, or in the source. I\’ll check back later to see if it\’s here. thanks.

  2. Hi Mark! If you fill out the form above, you\’ll be able to download the white paper. Thanks for reading!

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