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Salesforce Marketing Cloud #DF16 Keynote Updates

Salesforce presented a Dreamforce 2016 keynote today that introduced updates and plans for the Marketing Cloud. In the first image below, Salesforce shows the underlying structure of the Marketing Cloud. Marketing Cloud is really trying to get to 1:1 marketing, and the announcements this week are all geared toward that.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

A big announcement from Salesforce today was the company’s intent to acquire Krux, which is a leading Digital Marketing Platform. This DMP will provide a much-needed set of capabilities to the Marketing Cloud. The picture below shows a few of the capabilities of Krux.


A big part of Dreamforce has been the Salesforce Einstein announcements. As you can see in the next picture, Einstein has also been added to the Marketing Cloud. With this AI tool, you can now have predictive capabilities within the Marketing Cloud. Since the Marketing Cloud already captures social network data, Salesforce Einstein is now able to analyze that data and integrate it into the scoring and recommendations.


In addition to adding Krux, the Marketing Cloud has integrated itself more and more with the wider Salesforce Ecosystem. They now have a Data Sync application to make sure that information coming into the Marketing Cloud is synced across to the Sales Cloud. More than 3B contacts were synced last month alone. Marketing Cloud is also integrated with Service Cloud and Community Cloud.  This means that when a customer interacts with the service center, you can capture that information and feed it into your Marketing Tools. The picture below shows a few of the capabilities now available with this integration. The Community Cloud can use this information as well.


Journey building is a key part of the Marketing Cloud. Salesforce shows a 25% increase in Marketing ROI using the Marketing Cloud and Journey Builder is a key part of that ROI.


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