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Lightning Service Console Best Practices and Winter ’17

Our customer, GoPro, had the honor of sharing their Salesforce success story along with some Service Cloud Console best practices at Dreamforce a few weeks ago. If you weren’t able to go to this particular session or were unable to attend Dreamforce this year, here are the highlights presented by Scott Murphy, Sr. Manager of Support, Global Operations. This blog also includes a […]

#DF16 Recap: Philanthropy, Innovation, Intelligence & Speed

Philanthropy: A Powerful Message for the Salesforce Community Salesforce put its philanthropic message front and center at Dreamforce. kicked the keynote off on Wednesday with a very strong message around becoming a mentor to inner city children. And not just inner cities here in America, but abroad. A fast fact: more children have died in Chicago due […]

Customer-Focused IoT with Salesforce – #DF16

Now is an exciting time in the world of the internet of things (IoT). Exciting for both customers and businesses. As Salesforce IoT Cloud approaches general availability, now is the time to start and accelerate your IoT transformation journey. Customer-focused IoT is the next exciting phase of IoT. Customer-focused IoT combines device and product oriented […]

Health Cloud: The Future of Patient Provider Relationships #DF16

I attended several sessions at Dreamforce this week focused on the Salesforce Health Cloud product and came away impressed by the momentum of this product since its GA release earlier this year at HIMSS in February 2016. Highlights from the sessions are as follows: Health Cloud puts the patient in the center of the care […]

Building an End-to-End Solution with IoT Cloud and AWS – #DF16

Thursday’s IoT session entitled “IoT Cloud and AWS: Creating the End-to-End IoT Solution for Businesses” provided a great overview of the IoT business opportunity for organizations and a concrete view of a relatable end-to-end solution built with Amazon AWS and Salesforce IoT Cloud. Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know from the session: […]

Eliminating Technical Debt: Cleaning Out Old Orgs for New Growth

Tempted to “start fresh” in a nice new clean org? While this is sometimes the best option, the true impact on users, and challenges of data migration and replicating existing functionality that should be retained are all underestimated. At a Dreamforce 2016 session, Heather Schreiber of AON, the world’s largest insurance broker, described their experience […]

Salesforce Einstein Brings CX Opportunities with AI – #DF16

During Dreamforce this week, Salesforce officially announced Salesforce Einstein, the company’s new artificial intelligence layer built into the platform. At the Salesforce Einstein keynote, Salesforce pushed the idea that anybody can be a data scientist because the platform has intelligence built right in. John Ball, the SVP & GM of Salesforce Einstein MC’d the session. John […]

New Salesforce Service Cloud Features Announced at #DF16

I attended the Service Cloud keynote today at Dreamforce 2016, and exciting new features were announced. Service Cloud now incorporates new technology such as Einstein and Salesforce messaging and existing clouds such as Analytics and Lightning. One exciting demo showcased how an agent is able to communicate in multiple channels; they will also soon be able […]

The Future of Work According to Salesforce & Google Cloud – #DF16

Salesforce and Google are working to “assist” us a work. Tom Holman from Google, Daniel Chang and Sriram Iyer from Salesforce, and Greg Malpass from Traction on Demand presented a session on the topic at Dreamforce 2016. Tom is the product manager for Google G Suite, which Google just announced, but really is a rebranding and […]

“Good Luck With That!” 1 Global Program for 18 BUs – #DF16

Today I attended the Dreamforce 2016 session “Good Luck With That!” Running One Global Program for 18 Business Units by Sharon Moura from Tyco. Tyco is a $10B global fire and security leader moving from a holding company to an operating company model. In 2015, they set a course for becoming commercially excellent amid the complexity of […]

Dreamforce Day 1 Takeaways from Perficient – #DF16

What an exciting event of Dream Force 2016. First of all mind-blowing statistics of 170,000 registered attendees, 15 million online viewers, a cloud expo with many partners and ISV’s, and 2500+ sessions, 3000+ apps in AppExchange. The OHANA culture is very well displayed throughout the day. Day 1 was focused on Artificial Intelligence and what […]

How to Set Up and Deploy a Community with Salesforce – #DF16

What’s the next opportunity for you to engage with your customers, partners and suppliers, or employees? Salesforce Community Cloud is the answer. As organizations move away from the one-way, portal-centric conversations with an audience towards a more socially engaging model, communities are the perfect way for you to connect with an audience in an entirely new way. And with the […]

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