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Mission Made Possible: Fast Development with AEM Mobile

A few months ago Adobe, one of our Enterprise Partners, approached our team at Perficient Digital with a special assignment. The mission, if we chose to accept it, was to create a proof of concept (POC) that highlighted the capabilities of Adobe Experience Manager Mobile for an industry vertical.
“Perficient has strong experience in the healthcare industry. We really want to show healthcare providers an example of how they could engage their patients for better results,” said Anton Zuponcic, AEM Mobile Solution Lead.

With an increased national focus on wellness, a visit to the doctor can go beyond treatment of acute and chronic illnesses.

75% of hospital readmissions could be prevented if more patients interacted with their doctors after discharge      – Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS)

Healthcare professionals are challenged to find a better way to connect with reluctant patients. Daily Dose, our AEM Mobile POC, can help providers use mobile technology to improve patient engagement and treatment.
The app delivers treatment guidelines to the patient, push notifications for upcoming appointments, and reminders to take prescriptions or perform any physical therapy exercises. Additionally, the app provides a private, secure communication channel – similar to a text message service – between case managers and patients.

AEM Mobile Advantage: Faster Time to Market

With this solution, you can produce, manage, and maintain mobile apps from one place without placing any burdens on your development team.
In the case of Daily Dose, the development time was extremely fast.
“From start to finish, it took us five weeks – that included everything from design, creative, front-end and back-end,” Zuponcic commented.
AEM Mobile provided a solid foundation for developing the app, and our team gained efficiencies from using this solution within the Adobe Marketing Cloud. Experience Manager, Analytics, and Target are all integrated, which allowed us to automate back-end systems with Experience Manager Sites and Experience Manager Assets to supply the app with content.
However, you’re not limited to using Adobe Experience Manager as your CMS.
“One valuable feature we’ve seen early on with AEM Mobile is that it’s a CMS-agnostic tool. Through APIs we can use any content source for the app, greatly reducing time to market for our clients,” said Zuponcic.

Expanding Use Cases for Mobile Technology

The mobile app landscape continues to grow and evolve. According to Apple and Google, approximately 95 billion apps were downloaded in the last year across iOS and Google Play.
“The future is wide open for mobile development,” said Zuponcic.
With the secure communication channel built within Daily Dose, this feature can be applied to mobile apps for a number of industry verticals, including real estate, financial services, education, retail, manufacturing, and more.
“Companies with pertinent mobile use cases or those that expand use cases for existing apps will continue to thrive in the growing mobile landscape,” he concluded.
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