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AWS Named as Market Leader for IaaS

Cloud infrastructure is an integral part of any organization’s transition into the cloud and Gartner expects the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) market to grow at least 38.4% before the end of the year. Overall, IaaS is expected to continue its skyward path well into 2017 as technology leaders decide to shed their legacy deployments for flexible, cost-effective alternatives.

AWS: Leading the Pack

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been in the cloud space since 2006 when entering the cloud was a risk. As the company more known for its eCommerce marketplace built out its solutions, many vendors flocked to the platform for its safety, reliability, and cost-savings. In recent years, AWS has also been taking in the industry awards, including the leadership spot for Gartner’s 2016 Magic Quadrant for Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

Gartner recommends AWS for the following reasons:

  • Offerings: Organizations enjoy versatility with AWS, from the elasticity of Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) to storage with Simple Storage Service (S3) as well as their content delivery network. Furthermore, the AWS Marketplace has a wide variety of third-party software solutions, which means technology leaders can hit two birds with one stone as they roll out their infrastructure strategy.
  • Support: With data centers located on each continent, customers can enjoy the guarantee of high availability and stability.
  • Broad Use: AWS covers a broad variety of use cases while also supporting the greatest number of users, said Gartner. With so many options, AWS is considered a “safe choice” even for firms that may not readily understand where they may use the platform in their day-to-day IT activities. Many of the other firms included in the Magic Quadrant were considered to be more niche players in comparison.

Perficient: Supporting the Transition

We have partnered with AWS to offer their innovative infrastructure solutions to our customers and believe that the platform offers the core building blocks alongside certifications at an affordable cost. Furthermore, we also provide the following value-adds:

  • Innovation Lab: We believe each cloud journey is unique and requires its own solution. The Innovation Lab is our center of excellence where we leverage existing practices and solutions to help organizations discover effective cloud migration strategies that make their adoption journey easier.
  • Measure, Diagnose, Improve Philosophy: This is a framework to enable execution of cloud-first strategy by focusing on identifying key KPIs that matter for the business and work backward into different value streams covering people, culture, process, and technology. The framework is iterative in nature balancing three main architecture fundamentals: Minimum Viable Product (MVP), technical debts, and future proof.
  • Immersion Solution: One of the challenging problems in cloud migration is the migration of specific workloads or applications. Our award-winning Immersion Solution was developed in-house with modular, cross-platforms, and open architecture in mind. No matter how much our customer wants to migrate, our Immersion Solution can handle the workload involved.

Where do you stand with your cloud infrastructure? Reach out to us today and learn more about how our expertise can benefit your transition into the cloud.

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