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Podcast: Building a Change Management Framework

In a recent interview, David Chapman, Director, Organizational Change Management, Perficient talked with Jason Thomas, Founder and Host of Hard Way MBA, about the importance of having a solid framework for change. In the podcast David talked about the need for a change management methodology to follow and how it is critical to stick to that methodology.Change Management Methodology

Find additional interviews from professionals on Hard Way MBA, a source for empowering ambitious corporate professionals with a real world business education.

Want to learn more about organizational change management and its impact on digital transformation?

Join us for a webinar on August 25th at 1:00 PM CT as David Chapman and Michael Porter, Managing Principal – Strategic Advisor Team at Perficient, discuss why organizational change management is critical to digital transformation.  During the webinar they will break down change management in digital transformation, review the elements that make a program successful, and answer common questions, including:

  • What exactly is change management?
  • How does it work?
  • Why is it so important for digital transformation?
  • What benefits should I expect?
  • What are the first steps I should take?
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