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The Year in Review | Top 10 Digital Tech Posts of 2015

Top 10 Digital Tech Posts 2015
With Adobe Summit, GSA and Liferay, there was a lot to learn this year in digital technology. These were your favorite posts:

Ten | Adobe Summit: Best Practices for Content Marketing

It’s not about creating more content. It’s about creating better content.

Nine | How to Script GSA Configuration Changes

Google provides to mechanisms for making changes to the GSA.

Eight | What is the Timeline for a Typical GSA Implementation?

Averages and trends in a GSA implementation.

Seven | The Evolving Digital Landscape Recap: Adobe Symposium Minneapolis

A must read for anyone interested in gaining expert insights into digital marketing.

Six | Adobe Experience Manager and Campaign Working Well Together

A rundown of the benefits of integrating these products.

Five | Ascending the Enterprise Search Value Map

All work has value, but not all work has the same value. A value map help you rank what’s most important.

Four | Adobe Summit 2015: Adobe Campaign 101: Cross-Channel Marketing

How to use Adobe Campaign.

Three | Adobe Summit: Content Optimization and Personalization

Best practices in content optimization with Adobe Experience Manager.

Two | Liferay Make Native Mobile Development Easier

Digging deep into the Liferay portal.

One | Google Releases GSA software version 7.4

A breakdown of the new features in GSA version 7.4.
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