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SharePoint 2016 Roadmap Announced – Ignite 2015

SharePoint always had focus on key trends:

  • Modern collaboration
  • Content Management
  • Personalized insights
  • Security compliance 

SharePoint Evolution


Delve people profile will be part of SharePoint sites. (replaces the mysite profile and org chart scenarios). This UI allows for authoring capability (blog). Office graph is future for powering all of these experiences.

On Premise Investment – SharePoint 2016


Evolution Of Portals

UX: custom navigation and design (2016 adds video, people exp (nextgen portal) in delve from o365)

Management – Content re use and publishing (2016 adds ready to go simplified admin, configurable, customizable)

Extensibility – SP master pages, css (2016 adds standard apps and office 365 APIs)

Evolution of Files –

UX – doc lib (2016 adds store and share personal files across devices, mobile and social)

Management- admin controls for security and compliance (2016 adds MDM/DLP/Auditing & reporting/sync controls)

Extensibility – SharePoint APIs (2016 adds common set of APIs, apps, experience in delve)

Evolution of Enterprise Search

UX – enterprise search center

Management- search driven experiences

Extensibility – content and connector framework

SP – The Road Ahead

Renewed focus on our core – files, content, mgmt., sites and portals

Continued innovation across cloud, on-prem and hybrid

Strongest dev ecosystem – for partners and extended solutions

“Seth Patton” We will continue to evolve on cloud, on on-prem, and with hybrid

Release cadence

SharePoint 2016 – first major SP release where cloud will define how we deliver on-prem software.

Vision – deliver UX, improve, speed, scale better. And people centric compliance
Continue to maintain hybrid model. Continue to use existing customization on prem. Subscribe to cloud innovation, on your terms to enrich customer scenarios.

Search page and Delve page will now consolidate everything in a single result set. Filter content at one place. Blended results displayed from online or on prem.

SP config wizard – will now give a new screen to configure specific role for that server.

  1. Multiple server farm – special load , WFE, search, App, Distributed Cache
  2. Single server farm – single server farm

Patched/Updates – Zero downtime patching. All upgrades will run online.

Delve will now be available for 2013 on-prem by end of this year.

OOB SharePoint 2016 will now be responsive across mobile devices

Beta candidate will come out end of 2015. Release candidate by 2016 Q2

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