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Anglebrackets Conference – Day 1 Keynote

I’m lucky to be able to attend this year’s Anglebrackets conference in Las Vegas and I’ll try to cover the conference in this Perficient blog as much as I can. Today was the opening day of the conference, which actually consisted only of the opening keynote. The speaker was Scott Guthrie, Executive VP of Cloud and Enterprise group at Microsoft. He was wearing his signature red shirt. His keynote was titled, “The Cloud For Modern Business.”
image_dbbecd7b-9298-4dde-993a-acd9d9461515The following are my notes from his keynote:
Mobile first, cloud first.
Why cloud? Cloud enables:
1. Quick and easy deployment.
– No need to wait for provisioning. Demo: database deployed in Azure in few clicks. Sharepoint server farm deployed in few seconds.
2. Elastic capacity.
– no need to buy infrastructure
– unexpected load easily managed
– global coverage with unprecedented scale
Example: XBox One game Titanfall is completely cloud powered. 200,000 VMs were spun off on launch day.
3. Pay only for what you use
– no upfront costs
– no long-term commitment
– no wasted capacity
Example: slide with a typical web site usage pattern (a saw) illustrating unused capacity. Azure allows to avoid that by allowing automatic scaleup and down.
4. Enable new business value
– engage customers with web and mobile
– big data analytics
– machine learning
Azure provides best cloud experience in the industry. PaaS and IaaS.
During the last 12 months, Microsoft added a multitude of new features and services to Azure.
10, 000 new customers a week.
1.2 millions SQL database in Azure.
2 millions developers using Visual Studio Online.
How Azure differentiates itself from competition:
– Hyper-scale (19 data centers over the world. Amazon have 11).
– Enterprise-grade (Leader is Gartner  magic quadrant, most trusted public cloud, largest and fastest VMs in public clouds)
– Hybrid (easy to connect on-premises servers to the cloud)
Then, Scott talked about developing applications for Azure emphasizing the following services:
– Websites
– Mobile Services (backend with .NET or Node.js, Frontend – iOS, Android or Windows phone, active directory, offcie 365 integration, api management service)
– SQL Azure (databases up to 500Gb, SLA 99.99%, elastic scale, self service restore, active geo-replication)
– Search as a service
– HD Insight
– Machine learning
– Stream analytics

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